Enough of this Transgender Bullshiett

Sports bodies should just stop categorizing people based on gender because these trans and ga.y chieth keep identifying as whatever the fuak they want to gain an unfair advantage in sports.

Instead, there should only be two broad categories:

  • People with Y chromosomes
  • People without Y chromosomes

Problem solved.

"The crazy thing about the Semenya case is that even though intersex births like Semenya’s are extremely rare it’s believed that all three of the medallists in the 2016 Olympic women’s 800 – Caster Semenya, Francine Niyonsaba and Margaret Wambui — are intersex. Yes, all three. "

These men are exploiting loopholes to deny real women a chance to compete.

But for Caster Semenya’s case its different. She didnt change her sex. She was born that way!

@kanguthu is a transgender prostitute Huko Qatar

intersex wawekewe yao pia just like paralympics

Nobody cares

She has the Y chromosome and internal testes.

@Azor Ahai check your privilege you cisgendered, heteronormative, gender conforming scumbag!

Too many wordings. What gender did the midwife doctor say when you were born ?

Liberal mzungu is a confused person.

Nilizaliwa kwa shamba ya muhogo

Nyla Jax is not a female wrestler

So,ni deki ama kuma ama zote ndo zilionekana katikati ya miguu yako?