Enough of criticism, what can negros do to improve their economic situation?

Keep in mind, Kenya is dirt poor and we ain’t stumbling on oil anytime soon…leta solutions.

Interbreeding with the Chinese, Japanese or Koreans


Stop signing away our resources to countries like China, US and UK. Ask for the correct value.

Eliminate cartels in all sectors: sugar, coffee, tea, nini nini.

Employ qualified staff, not our relatives, village mates or tribes-mates. Sahii ukienda almost all ministries utapata most employees come from where the CS does, or the top leadership.
This will reduce the brain drain we are experiencing, even if not very significantly.

Most importantly, we should stop electing idiots!


Question is do they want to breed with you


Borrow more loans for development

Manufacturing and have a global market outlook. Wacha maziwa and simple products which have already been done and have entrenched interests. Think big, medical devices,mechanical parts or complex metal / structural bits.
I have raised $50k in grants to develop medical devices and commercial partners from Middle East and Latin America. VCs are stuffed to the gills with a shitload of money post covid and they are ready to invest. Kama umesoma and you have been outside Kenya before, there is no better time to be here.


Lower cost of production


Industrialize is the only solution.

  1. Get in line to join bricks

  2. Start creating a national gold reserve from smuggled Congo gold that end up in dubai

  3. Pass laws to stop old then 50 years nyeuthis from voting.

  4. Intensive/extensive de-kalenjation of GOK and parastatales


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Negroes don’t have the mental capacity to carry out action items that would help improve their condition. They’re chimps with makeup. I’m happy to be proven wrong in the future but all evidence in recent history shows the indisputable ineptitude of the African.


Tell them the hard truths. Blecks are myopic like ants, can’t plan for shit beyond 1 year. Goja uone brainless wild animals zikikufa coming September from hunger yet saa hii kuna maji unaweza kuza chakula all year round.


Start doing what the rest of first world countries did to be where they are. Invest in science and technology with a goal of being self sufficient. It is not rocket science, it can be done!


If i was the president,

I would grant idle lands in various county to foreigners… Like.
-malindi - italians
-idle land in KISUMU - Russians.
-nanyuki - brits.
-lamu - Americans
-northern east - Israelis
-turkana - Chinese.
-japs / ausi / french / watafutiwe other locations to develop on a 99yr ls.

-invite bid for recycling and power generation using trash… This will make towns very clean… As trash would be valuable…

-extend sgr to malaba…

-dual Nairobi / Nkru highway…

-lease out tech cities… Like konza to different countries…

-move major govt agencies out of cbd to places like kikuyu or juja or mombasa road… Like move the parliament offices to athiriver or kitengela… City hall to ngara or pangani… Etc…

-have a functional dept of urban planning…

  • set up more EPZ… Esp in different countries…

Changing the mindset towards public resources can fix all problems bedeviling our nation.


Invest heavily on STEM courses and don’t give up on loans and development; they attract more investors.


Wizi wa mali ya uma. We should also stop pumping billions into useless counties because they’re marginalized.

They’re not marginalized they’re just unsuitable for economic activity. Pumping water into the dessert will not turn it into the Amazon rain forest.

Time to accept facts

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Lots of countries , some the size of our Central Province , have no Oil
Yet they are doing just fine

  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • Monaco
  • Barbados
  • Bahamas
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg

The Moral of the Story :

At Independence in 1963 , Kenya had a population of approximately 16 Million.
The British Pound Sterling was KES: 20.00
The US Dollar was KES: 11

We had a functional Government with :-

  • 7 Provinces / 7 Provincial Commissioners
  • 188 Member Parliament
  • 18 Cabinet Ministers / 18 Ministries / 18 Assistant Ministers / 18 Permanent Secretaries.
  • thriving and profitable Parastatals and Public Corporations.
  • Agriculture and Cash Crops like Tea , Coffee , Maize , Wheat and Cotton were booming.
    Kenya was a net Foodstuffs Exporter.

There was a glimmer of hope in 2002 with the advent of Multiparty Elections , Political and Media Freedoms.

Then in 2022 a bunch of Shareholder , Bottom Up , Wheelbarrow , Hustler Conmen , their Cronies , Wives , Mistresses , First Daughters , Bimbos and Errand Boys entrenched themselves into leadership , facilitated in part , by backward Ethnic Chauvanists and misguided Juveniles

We now require an urgent National Reset to rescue the Ship of State and steer it in the direction of Equity , Justice , Progress and Prosperity



urban - rural migration.

That wont help, but making embezzlement/stealing of public resources a serious crime either punishable by death or life imprisoment and seizing every single asset back to the government.


Pumping water into the desert in Saudi Arabia and Israel has helped them produce a lot of agricultural products. If we can find a low cost way to irrigate those areas we should do it.