Enough Is NOW Enough. REVOLT KK & AZIMIO. Overthrow This Government

Mwizi amekuja sana.

Petrol 210
Diesel 200+

18% VAT loading



Na bado . Utaona shiny eyes na Meno nje wakimpigia Kura . Kashangua flaunting his teeth is still hoping we remain as stupid as we are

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Kenyans are too divided (by tribe) to revolt, and if somehow they did, they would probably remove zakayo then start fighting among themselves about which tribe will take over.

The country would end up worse off then with zakayo

Apan tambua umaskini Mimi nakula tenders pole pole

We will then be worse than Somalia

Hehehehehehe …
Hehehehehehe …
Hehehehehehe …
Choices have Consequences …
WAJINGA NI NYINYI …:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin::grin:

Survival comes first
iyo story ya tribe ni after thought
Revolution is a possible if people are hungry

Always remeMber if your neighbour is hungry, YOU are in DANGER

saidia mimi na chai na mkate mkubwa
naumia huku bottom kwa mahasura