"Enough is Enough" -- RAO

He can go eat shit

Boss don’t mistake kindness for weakness, Chebukati haendi mahali ata mrushe mawe statehouse

Wewe endelea kukamua ngamia hakuna mtu akona haja na wewe.

Nilikuwa nashangaa ukiitwa mzee mjinga na nimejua sababu na by the way ulihama kwa nyumba ya mamako

Bora siko kwa mamako

At who’s expense? I’d kill for a job where once you mess up you just get severance and bounce. This has been done within the year.

Chiloba not Chebukati. Hold that line of thought. Let me give you two weeks. And you will see.

Nairobi Business Community… I Rest My Case

So Nusu Mkate? Some would say this is what Raila intended (from Chaos).

Peaceful demonstration muliikataa, Sasa watu ya baba walisema maandamano bila tear gas sio maandamano ni ujinga

And when we call them wajinga wanasema tumewatusi

Nusu mkate will not happen and the ‘chaos’ will not amount to much. In 2007 Nusu Mkate happened because RAO had the majority in bunge and on the ground. He had enough dynamite to blow up the country. RAO’s biggest advantage, however, was the fact that he had won. These three factors are against him this time. If you remember, Anyang’ Nyong’o had already asked Kisumu folk to go back to work immediately after RAO called them for Demos (before going to SCORK). The fact of the matter is that RAO will be frustrated. His street brawls will lack the effect they had in 2007 because the man is no longer the man he used to be!

I remember how he was insisting on retallying of the votes in 2007. This year he couldn’t dare suggest that coz he can’t handle the truth.

But people out there still think Kenya is at RAO’s mercy. This is not 2007. RAO is the one trying to undermine the people’s will. Why on earth would NASA still want to retain electrical transmissions that hacked JUBILEE into power? NASA cites ati Mandela and S.Africa or aki na Shikuku who were minorities in Bunge but exacted change. They forget that these guys had the masses behind them.

@Simiyu22, RAO had his way last time BEACUSE JUBILEE LET HIM. JUBILEE will not give in this time round! PUSH has come to SHOVE! Even NASA people are saying no to mass actions, WHY? Because we all know the ballot is against RAILA. It is UHURU’s goodwill that keeps JAP supporters in check. PEOPLE are tired! Wacha vyenye mnaona ni kama RAO ndio ana uwezo wa kuchoma nchi. UHUNYE akaingia hii wazimu ya RAO aseme Ng’we!.. Tuache hizo. Your fears are misplaced. FEAR THE JUBILEE GUYS; NOT THE NASA GUYS, they are MORE, they are MADDER, and they are being OPPRESSED! If history has taught us anything, it is that the biggest mistake you can make is to misconstrue such a people’s silence for weakness!

You see chaos favors NASA. Jubilee is in power. Smooth running operation. Peaceful. But if Jubilee activates Mungiki to try to stop NASA from throwing stones, chaos begins. This is exactly what NASA wants. Trouble in the city starts affecting business, tourism, and everything to do with daily life. Outcry begins. Last time, NASA FORCED Jubilee to the drawing board using the same tactics. And it worked. I don’t see anything different this time around. No court order can remove Chiloba. NASA knows this. There is only 1 way out. No man is bigger than the country. If Chiloba is what the want, pay him off and move on. His removal will not change election results. Yeah Jubilee can fight, but chaos favors NASA.

So a whole republic should cower at the threat of violence? We should ignore the constitution and do things the NASA way every time they threaten violence? What if JUBILEE also uses the same tactics? NO ONE HAS MONOPOLY TO VIOLENCE. Mark my words, Chiloba is there to stay! You think UhuRuto are cowards who fear a RAO demo? Far from it, PUSH HAS COME TO SHOVE! And you are right, Chiloba will not change results. Removing him, however, will send out a very bad message. That violence can be used in place of constitutionality. Why are you even supporting something like this? YOU ARE ADVOCATING FOR THE REWARDING OF VIOLENCE!

I am not advocating anything. Bit NASAs moves are very predictable.

But Babuon is? Chiloba is going nowhere my fren

Hold your thought for another two weeks or so. We will revisit. I will remind you!!

Am a member mboss…kuna watu tutakata vichwa ama ni vishwa