England vs Germany

What are your predictions guys?

England will take it wadau.

very tricky game , but vile coach wa england hana akili naona Gnabry akishinda

Naona Germany ikishinda 2-1

england 2 Germany 1

Germany 2: England 1

Manschafters wanauwa mkoloni


@mishale leta links za twitter

Link to the watchies please

if you have very fast internet select English link 1
if you have fair or poor internet connection select English link 3 or 4 kuendelea…

Game Link:

Kama hujapata link ifollow ti pale bbc.com.

Northgate ni ghasia he expects to win with 7 defensive players. Germany wanakamua ghasia.

Malisa izo umbwa za @Electronics4u

Die Mannschaftt wanashaft England 2-0

Mkono moja save by prickford.

Boring game. Too cautious

Raheem Sterling does it again

Robert Mueller and Kylian Mbappe kama jana… same Whatsapp group !

Hitler bois wamelewa puanaaa