England Vs Belgium


I dislike England, I don’t fancy Belgium.

What do I care, Africa tumetoka. From the lineup it looks like a draw 0-0 or 5-5 depending on how the benchwarmers moods are.

The game is going to be very exciting coz both teams will be trying to avoid Colombia

Wrong both actually want to lose the game and face Colombia…

fair play at work here , they’ll be playing for cards.

Japan is comparatively weak my friend, mark this tweet

Ebu spear nipe prediction ama correct score ile utasema nawekelea nikikulwa sikulaumu

Winner of the group will potentially have to face Brazil/France/Argentina:Croatia from the quarterfinals onwards…

You don’t really love your money, do you?

Ningekuwa na bet this world cup then my prediction would have forced me to sell this TV to pay that debt.

5-5 draw.

Belgium and England should both do their best to lose. The runner-up avoids the half of the draw with Uruguay, Portugal, France, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil! I’d much rather be on the side with Spain, Russia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Colombia.

This game will only be interesting if the fringe players decide to shine to give themselves a chance to be in the first team.

Okay hio kwa ufupi ni goal goal. Ebu kesho post history ya ule muhindi ndi anaitwa Rai wa sukari. Nataka kukuwa kama yeye naimport sukari reject kutoka mashamba zilikuwa former Mines za mercury na copper. This guy is making pure profits. Reject sugar from farms which were former mines hence sugar is contaminated with minerals. Rai tells brazil govt he has somewhere to dispose the sugar and gives uhuru kenyatta 30% of the profits and Uhuru allows him to supply poisonous Kenyans. That is the kind of entrepreneur i want to be

England remains a weak team. 2 Belgium - 1 England

Sasa sukari inaingililia wapi kwa hii thread.

Belgium watanyorosha jingaland.

Losers to face Colombia, thought u should know

Leta pesa ama ulale. Story mingi, mingi na wimbo ufanye kama Franco. imba tracks ya 1 hr each, 10 songs alafu uuze. Ukipata mteja ata mmoja then umejaribu. It will be as interesting as whatever you are trying to say here kati kati ya game.

Wale tulikua tunaonea kwese tukalale pllis

hawa maumbwa wamechange game …

:D:D:D Imetoka off air ni kama mtu amepita na plug.

Na NTV pia