ulinunua simu ina youtube huyu cousin yako anasumbua



Mshamba hata asuguliwe na theluji habadiliki!!

Unaharibia Georgina matina thread yake ya kesho…

Kwani hii Nyang;au inakuwaga Nimessota?

Hawa ni wale nilisema wataachwa wakitangatanga Darfur hawana mbele wala nyuma…

On the floor dying of laughter. :D:D:D:D
@GeorginaMakena kuja uone Sammy wako akinyeta. Generali mkuu amewabetray na kusema, “tano tena, kumi fresh.”:D:D “Hata mkia ni nyama.”
Never thought I’d live to see this day. NASA is dead.

Kumbe this guy is not even in Kenya?

I was shocked to find out the same…accent ni ile ile. :smiley:

yaani inabidi jamaa ashout juu ya kiupepo, alafu aanze kuweka paybill ya kutibiwa throat cancer

Jamaa anakuja hadi kwa camera akimwaga mate halafu ananyamaza na kurudi nyuma:D

happens when you surrender your brain to a cause you do not understand…

Just shangilia the death of NASA, NASA is fighting for the mwanainchi now Kenyans are on their own to be raped and looted to death. Trust me Kenya is going dowwwwn.

What is this superiority complex you have about foreign accents? You people are brainwashed Africans, ati because a person lives abroad he should not have an African accent? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. I have relas who were even born abroad and have no accents, just a slight twang but as for you, you think youre superior because you dont have a kiyuk accent? Kenyans when will you learn to be proud of your africaness like West Africans and South Africans sio kufake accents hapa to prove that you are superior because uko na accent some even fake french accents. Theres nothing to be proud of there. Just like theres nothing to be proud of living abroad kwa baridi and as a foreigner because you cant be gainfully employed in your motherland. But why do I waste time reasoning with you people its like trying to turn an O upside down. Its a lost cause. Madams be proud of where you are from. When you value other peoples accents than your own what that means is you think theyre more valuable than you so sio Sammy ako na shida, he is Kisii he has a Kisii accent not a Southern drawl, its you mamas who have issues ati you are looking down on your Kenyan accents, kwani kuishi majuu ni nini? East or West home is best thats why Wanjigi and many Kenyans own properties all over Europe and the US but have no fake accents and chose to live in Kenya. Nyinyi na maaccent zenu what do you have to show for it? Small man mentality - huyu Sammy prolly owns several properties na hio Kisii accent but you and your twangs ni panganga tuu munajua. Nothing to show for it. To me being a global citizen sio kuishi majuu to wipe white people asses, and accents its having a home in every country in the world and still chosing to live in your motherland- as in having that choice. Kenyans are so fake wamebaki wafake Arab accents. You women are so delusional,petty and vain its annoying.

some attempted reasoning!

Even a failed attempt is still an attempt

What Triggered you.