@Eng'iti amefikishwa hapo Embu highway court this morning.

@Eng’iti says he only understands Rastafarian language. Jah bless… Hold it down man.

Hata ka thermal image? Ya Rastafarian language?

Vile Gashwin atasema

he he …alisema ni ital food.

mzee ushafika?! Kwani wewe huishi Ktalk:D:D

Umeniangusha, thought utasema hii tuliona Methusellah akiwa teenager

ilikuwa lunch break, ng’ombe!

Kuna watu tumbaff sana. Ile language yeye mwenyewe alikuwa anatumia wakati anaambia koti asomewe mashtaka na ki-rastafar-i ni ki-rastafar-i ?

So iweje anaelewa ki-rastafar-i pekee? Court assistant… read out the charges to the accused person in the same Swahili he spoke whilst addressing the Court. He clearly understands Swahili…How do you wish to plead?..silence… plea of not guilty entered; accused person may be released on Kshs 250,000 bond with two Sureties or Kshs 150,000 Cash Bail. Accused person to be supplied with copies of statements, which he shall obtain at his own cost. mention on 07/09/2018, hearing on 21/10/2018. Next file?

Fangi inaletea mfurutaji delusions.

Guy is called Micheal Kahumbu from Mathaithi Karatina…my former high school classmate… sneaked out of school once with him and we were walking comfortably smoking

So you are now famous?


Tulia mzee

Ahhh 250k surely kwani ameibia nani? Ameumiza nani? All because he smoke a blunt. Free rastaman Eng’iti.

huyu ni @culture hapana ekelea @Eng’iti (snake) uongo yako

Wasee niko safe ndio sasa natoka Isiolo :smiley: :smiley:

  1. The amount of bond/bail is at the discretion of the judicial officer.
  2. What the Magistate will not tell you is that the Kshs 250,000 is for being irritating, kujifanya unajua sana and attempting to insult the intelligence of the Magistrate. After all, the Magistrate is only human! next file!

Hehehe… Hii chizi naionanga hapo entrance ya kuingia Mathaithi…

When rasta make a progressive move, wicked men a-red eye (mi God, what a sin ting)_Joseph Hill, song One Stone, from the Culture Album 1996

Mwalimu tulia , charges are read to an accused person in the language he understands,in such cases plea is differed to another date translator atafutwe hata kama ni kutoka Kingston.