Engine ya Toyota ae80

Hey mbirrioneas of the village,would any of you be having an idle engine of the above vehicle, carburetor. Or EFI of any other type that can be used in the said vehicle. I have an old skool that has been asleep since November last year. The previous engine ‘rings’ zimeisha na kadhalika.

Year of manufacture???

Today while at a key cutter’s shop, i saw a very small engine… Upon asking i was told it belongs to some toyota with a name similar to that, if not that


Repair the engine because you will likely get a repaired one. rings ni kitu kidogo.

seems the previous owner alikuwa amefunga engine about twice, so kufunga tena haileti shangwe, it’s not advisable

You’re right.
For a similar car we swapped in a BZ-R 1.6 20 valve out of a Toyota Levin and turned it AWD.
For its weight it became as responsive as a bike.


Is there a swap that you haven’t tried man?Na ile 1uz-v8 ulituwekea hapa iliendaje?

1uz inaingia mahali kama hapa.
The craziest swap is a 6.0 V8 into a old school Mercedes Benz.