Energy Sector Cartels Hitting Back #UnmaskingApolloMboya

People are getting desperate. After Apollo Mboya took our useless power utility to court, the cartels have launched a smear campaign against him. #UnmaskingApolloMboya has been trending for some time today. The people behind this hashtag have introduced a tribal angle to the debate, no doubt aware of the effectiveness of divide and conquer. They now claim that Apollo Mboya is being sponsored by the Kikuyu wing of Jubilee, who’re eager to install “one of their own” as head of Kenya Power. The shopkeeper in Tinderet who was last month pissed about his power bill quadrupling is now suddenly going to do an about-turn, and rail against Kikuyus for targeting “our community”. To these people, it doesn’t matter that Ken Tarus confirmed that they’ve indeed been inflating power bills. Maybe the shadowy mungiki figures forced them to inflate those bills at gunpoint, I guess we’ll never know.

Our thieving Kalenjin “brothers” are playing a not-very-smart-game. I would advice them to tread carefully with their accusations. They need to do what us mungikis do when caught doing what we do best (i.e. stealing)…carry your own goddamn cross!!
To the peasants in the village, I’ve heard rumors that people are being paid 527 shs via Mpesa to make #UnmaskingApolloMboya go viral, I don’t know if the offer is still on. Go there and try your luck. Thankfully, Kenyans of goodwill are making another hashtag trend: #IStandWithApolloMboya.

So wewe umeamini kabisa its a Kalenjin-Kikuyu fight because what’s said on Twitter.

First it was CS Kariuki being targeted by screaming headlines of 10 billion NYS scandal. That today silently was reduced to a probable 90 million. However shoshomedia angle was its Kalenjin MP’s.

Today’s its this other nonsense of KPLC which someone wants to make it a tribal issue. Tarus has been facing the spotlight alone without even one Kalenjin leader getting involved so what changed today.

Someone is working overdrive to manufacture a crisis within Jubilee. Don’t be so gullible.

What you say might be true, but we must admit that corruption is on overdrive, whether at the energy or public service dockets. Funds are being siphoned, however little. If UhuRuto dealt firmly with corruption, then these people “working overdrive to manufacture a crisis within Jubilee” wouldn’t get any chance to do so, kweli rongo?

Kplc ni meffi

Handshake is good, RAT agreed to support all of Jubilee development projects and agenda for a handcheque. SGR to Kisumu and Malaba wouldnt face resistance. That was agreed, whether you agree with me if its right or wrong. The second part was the tricky one that’s causing friction. DP Uncle Ruto was asked to consider Winnie odinga as running mate. He has yet to agree and he went to western to unite the opposition against it. Since then DP Uncle Ruto has been on a 47 county tour to inspect projects and commission new ones. RAT isn’t happy about it and all of a sudden the Kikuyu-Kalenjin fictitious rivalry is taking place incognito in newspapers, press and shoshomedia. Handcheque is good for politics but bad for the economy. RAT, minorities leaders, odm officials were flash with cash the last few weeks. Wameshiba kitu. Then it was leaked that the Ruaraka 2 billion land compensation deal by NLC was their baby. 1 billion for public land that compensation was paid to a private company. That case cleared PAC/PIC silently. Our media who know everything was very mellow in reporting the matter revealing anything. President Uhuru watch out handcheque is unleashing greed.

Man you are good at manufacturing propaganda.

Kplc monopoly will exploit us for a very long time. Already my bill is high than usual.
Rat will destroy jubilee from inside

Units of late ni kidogo sana.

Kenyan politics are trash, people are holding basic needs and projects at ransom.
We cannot make any meaningful steps forward ever if we don’t have a revolution.
Failed state

ujinga ni kuanza campaign against a company that won’t change instead of figuring out new alternatives. Then of course he’s just another dirty Kenyan lawyer tightly affiliated with politicians you expect us to believe he’s out to crusade for the common mwananchi’s good? For free?!

A genuine campaigner would be attacking the monopoly with alternatives.

Man why do you lie?
You are an utter propagandist.

Yesterdays update was very predictable. Now odm is asking for CS Rotich (for obvious reasons) & CS Sicily Kariuki to be impeached. However I’m glad Jubilee base and leaders have ignored them. Let the investigations at DIC and Parliament run its course then the individuals implicated will answer on their own. Tribal arithmetics and politics in this mess wouldn’t stick.