Endless High-rise buildings in Nairobi's once upmarket areas

Parklands home owners are going to court over a 16 storey building going up in their neighborhood. The same is happening to Kileleshwa, Lavington and Westlands. Let’s not even start with Nairobi West which you can find several storey buildings in one street.

The buildings go on against the zoning by laws. Used to wonder why nowadays homes on sale in Kilimani, Kileleshwa and Lavington are very cheap. Kumbe it’s becoming a ghetto of high-rise buildings like pipeline?

New slums



:meffi:I have always said, Kidero and Sonko sold Nairo to foreigners.
You were just born here and have nothing and no claims:meffi:

Those places are expensive as hell. Most high-end places I have seen usually have high rise buildings. Kilimani, Kileleshwa and Lavington were designed to be middle class areas, and were bound to change even if they were in civilized economies. This is due to CBD encroachment, as population grows.

Main problem is that government or developers have not conceptulalized similar communities, though it’s hard with our ploty 1/8 culture. Designing homes with 1/2 to 3/4 acres is not going to happen. But as our government keeps opening up suburbs through better road infrastructure, pretty soon many will not want to live in Nairobi borders. If you go to places like London, you will see the same. Most people live in its surburbs and not the city itself.

The problem is the infrastructure. You find a 10 storey building with zero parking, it’s like just hurry up, finish and offload the units and disappear.

These developers are something else my kassin bought an apartment for 40M. You had to pay upfront. There’s no pool. No gym. The parking is full of potholes it’s like they finished and took off before doing anything to the parking. Real estate in Kenya is a sham.

They’re not expensive Google buy apartment in any of the areas. I get adverts from different sellers daily all asking for less than 10M.

I was talking about the homes being expensive. If I was your cousin, I would have bought one of the older units in that area and remodelled it with modern finishes, saved me 10-15m. There are some really good ones, but only a few know gold when they see it.

Most of the older units are selling out to apartment buildings, in the past year alone I can count about 4 going up in the vicinity.

The design is something else. Expensive as hell, but doors have a space at the bottom and sides. You can hear cars passing shwa shwa on the road, all day. In July the house gets really cold. You can think you live in Quebec in Canada… Yaani Kenyans we dont use stoppers and seal strips. And insulation. Shower water is so hot it can scald you. Kitchen cabinets ni zile za fundi.The way hardwood flooring was done like someone in a hurry, lines not matching. But Muhindi pressuring to buy.

Yes for the homes are selling like hot cakes. Partly because there is no homeowners associations to restrict developers. I know 2 people who a offered a good amount to sell and are just about to, its pride thats holding them ( moving elsewhere is a downgrade). I dont think you can get a home for 40m in the area. In fact their offers are in the 3 digits. But with 40m, you can buy one of the older apartments and have it remodelled, put in new kitchen cabinets, redo the floors and bathrooms and repaint. Those older units have much bigger bedrooms. They dont have pools or gym. Parking is just barely enough.

Vile nimesema mahali kwengine, watu waache kiburi. Watu sio employers, hawalipi ushuru, hawana viwanda, lakini wanataka kuishi exclusive neighborhoods.

Yule mtu analipa ushuru ya double digit million shillings kwa mwaka ndo anafaa aishi leafy suburbs.

Kama mtu hataki kuishi kwa ghorofa, ahamie ocha.

Governor apeane permits watu wajenge.

Kwanza Nrb apartments are so tiny it’s amazing how people live in them with their entire family.

Well, the place is pretty swanky and has large rooms. Finishing is great. It is beautiful. Most people there are white. They did a great job on the interior so I don’t understand why they can’t just cement the parking and why it has potholes yet the houses are pretty new. It feels more like a luxury hotel. I think it’s world class but I still feel like 40m was a bit much but hey it was sold out before the construction began.

The modern gentrification started with flouting the already outdated colonial shitty bylaws to facilitate and accommodate " Kenyans (wezi)" and foreign “investors (criminals)” but all these still remain in the country to whitewash and laundering their illicit gains whether in drugs (Tanzania Somalia, Seychelles, arm’s trades (the balkan, shyknees, Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Rassia, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, India Hellas, Italy, Spain, Zoo, South Sudan, oughanda, Abbysinia, SeothEfrika, Slovakrepublik, RwandaUrudi, South korea, Malasia, DRC,Naijo, Eritrea) add piracy ya huko zoomalia.
Kila mtu anakula uhondo wake lakini Wanjiku nikulia tu bei ya unga.
How do ya think a website started some 15 yrs ago to showcase the local real estate now has a turnover in BILLIONS?
Kenya and Nairobi is a hub and den of local and foreign thieves. Now you have a people living in a social construct where face value is constantly praised! But in reality we are all red pilled by these corporate media whose main purpose is to project such pseudo “maendelo” narrative just to keep some very unpleasant haram people in places of power and influence as they continue to finger proper.
Eff the gate keepers

I actually think that high-rise buildings in areas near town are not such a bad thing. I would oppose high-rise buildings in say Karen but parklands, Westlands, kilimani…

My question is: How are these buildings financed since they cost hundreds of millions to over a billion shillings and can stay unoccupied for years and are never auctioned!

Its simple math. The retail price of a building is higher than the price to construct. That is, to buy a building will cost you 125m, but if you constructed it from ground will cost you 100m. So the owner has 25m to play with by building himself. Factor in property price rising in a 5 year span due to urban sprawl, and suddenly he can sell for ksh 140 m. Because he probably only borrowed part for construction, he can afford to make payments even when building has high vacancies, while waiting for value to rise.

Money laundering.