Ending Poverty

“Just 10 percent of world military spending could knock off poverty!”

  • Reuters, 2017.

“It is one of the tragedies of our day that while half of the world’s population is wracked by a never-satisfied hunger and remains poverty-stricken, disease-ridden and ignorant, vast amounts are spent by great powers on armaments, money which, if diverted to satisfying the basic human needs of the poorer people of the world, could transform their lives and restore to them their human dignity, their happiness in the present and their confidence and faith in the future.”
“Disarmament must be achieved not only because in this fashion will the threat of a world holocaust be dispelled, but, equally because only through a drastic reduction in the military budgets of the great powers can the vast resources required to raise all of mankind to the level of free men be freed for these purposes.”
“Were a real and effective disarmament achieved and the funds now spent in the arms race devoted to the amelioration of man’s state; were we to concentrate only on the peaceful uses of nuclear knowledge, how vastly and in how short a time might we change the conditions of mankind. This should be our goal.”
“What the economically backward countries are looking forward to, however, is the application of the money now dumped on destructive armaments, to the solution of economic problems. Fully supporting this idea, Ethiopia has participated in disarmament conferences and unfailingly is struggling for world peace and man’s welfare and prosperity.”

  • HIM Haile Selassie I Ras Tafari, Selected Speeches: 181, 182, 372, 500

In konyagi’s own words, - Pesa haiwezi suluhisha chochote.