Endeleeni Kuwatetea, Wateteeni Kabisa

Obviously, it’s Maina’s fault that he was shot dead. Why was he watching football at night? Did he have dreadlocks? Was he rude to the police? Was he walking with “bad” people? Why was he soooo interested in goalkeeping? The police are never wrong, so whatever he did, he must have deserved getting shot dead. Congratulations to Kenya Police, that’s another dangerous thug off our streets. We will now enjoy Christmas in peace.








Whats the school grades connection? Grades aside, whats the story?

And how many deaths do you think, doesn’t get to the social media. Relax

garissa terrorist mastermind alikuwa anasomea law,Osama bin laden alikuwa engineer,tuendelee ama tusiendelee?

Ukitembea na malaya hata wewe ni malaya…this iz just common sense

Endelea mkubwa.

@Greedy Genius kuja utuambie venye amevaa earrings so kulikuwa na propable cause of shooting the young man.

Truth be said 70% of Kenyan cops ni ghasia takataka. In every 10 Kenyan cops 7 will directly try to exploit and mistreat you.

This is my arm chair analysis on how to transform the countries police force.

1.The police service should be a professional body. Minimum entry requirements should be a C+ just like you need to enroll to a university. Training should take at least 1.5 years with a great focus on effective communication and modern policing techniques.

2.Create an internal affairs police division. Minimum entry should be a bachelor degree in any field. No transfer of regular officers to the internal unit which just leads to conflict of interest and more corruption . Let them be a completely separate unit with their own training academies, bosses etc. The head of internal affairs should answer directly to the president and not inspector General.

3.Pay police good wages as per the economy. They should be paid at the very least what a middle class individual earns in the country. Say around 50k starting salary for all new recruits.

I promise wait I guarantee then in 10 years Kenya will have the best model police force in Africa. Some costs will be incurred and even the number of police officers will greatly reduce but it will balance out later as more sharp minded individuals will consider a career in the police force.

There is no police officer who will gun you down for no reason. Otherwise mimi na wewe tungekua tumekufa pia.

Noma sana. Although hiyo part of not finishing his college education due to financial constraints is not adding up. I thought JAB students easily get loans from HELB at least to cater for tuition fee.

Panyaste uko poa,roger

show me your friends?, birds of the same feather

using too many words to say nothing

Enyewe hapo umedinya point ya nguvu sana. Since police always tell the truth, akisema wewe hutembea na malaya itabidi tu tuamini. Waah, hapo umefikiria mzito.

Pia mungich @Wakanyama alisomea animal husbandry pale campus na anaibia wakenya kwa kuwa uzia maji iko na harufu ya nyama ATI no surwa. :D:D:D


huwezi elewa anything hapo with you 130g of pure maji brain

Na si mtuambie what transpired? Was it an execution? Was it a stray bullet?
Kama hamsemi tuelewe endeleeni kuimba wimbo wa 'Polisi wote ni D- material, ndio maana waliangusha A-material juu ya wivu…

I don’t know what happened here. Please shed more light.

A workmates bro whose dad was an MP who had a PhD from London was executed by a cop actually a boss cop in front of Sarit Centre .The initial story b4 they realised he was a kid of a big shot was that he was Mungiki. A neighbour muhindi whose dad is a billionaire was executed by Recce inside his house on Peponi Rd Westlands 5 minutes from Westgate. They said he was a terrorist yet he wasnt even a moslem.U
can no longer use the poverty card.KPS is an equal oport unity executioner.You could be inside your home in an upmarket area or walking to your house in the slum.This is what life is like in a failed state.Save your outcry for a country where citizens mean more than a source of taxes. The motto of Kenya is accept and move on. Did Willy Kamau ever get justice? Have you seen how people in DRC are executed just bcz the people with guns can? And there’s nothing you will do? That is Kenya .Its called a failed state. Reality check. Justice ni wewe!

I have been arrested Mara mingi time mbaya mbaya kwa neighborhood ngoringori and am still writing this… Mna get point