End Of Times ?


:D:eek: No! Really?
All that’s missing are the leg stilts

They sure will make criminals dizzy.

We are facing east, and their are concerted efforts in the continent , to drop off anything that resembles our colonial masters.

Who designs this stuff anyway??

“It’s because the other teams can’t stop looking at those damn pinstripes.”

Go Yankees.

the designers must be laughing at they did

Unless you walk on your arms stilts are obviously for the legs. More like stating the man who dresses to look like a bat is called batman

Oh yeah ! Heheh

I thought they were for their customs workers…but still…

with enough room for bribes??

Were they trying to look line the Zanagalewa Dancing Troupe ?

The designer of the uniform must have been wronged by the police and s/he decided to mete out vengeance on the whole force.


It is custom offcicials.