End of the road for Drumpf as AG Barr enters Boni forest


Nikama movie Nikama ndrama…
Cant make this up!!

he’s been licking orange face booty for a long time . Chicken are finally roosting at home

The man is a creature of the swamp.

@T.Vercetti unalia ukikua wapi? Oya @Purple say something please

Apana ongezea hao chumvi kwa kidonda

Now Barr will be MAGA’s sworn enemy in a few hours. :D:D:D:p

Lmao really? Then why did Trump pick him in the first place? Wasn’t his whole agenda about draining the swamp?

:smiley: wasito tulikubali matokoe

Huyu jamaa ni joker sana:D Angekaa ngumu mpaka io 20th noon kama mbaya mbaya…akiChecki navy seal zimeland ndio akuje mkia forefore:D

Sasa ni fala gani itakubali kuwa AG for one month?

hata huku Mudavadi alikubali kua VP for sijui two ama three months

Trump executive order on election, various agencies are due to submit their reports to Trump on the just concluded election.
Keep your eyes on the ball. These reports might be a game changer.

alikaa pia yeye akagundua he has a professional life after the white house. why soil your reputation for an ungrateful person that would not hesitate to throw you under the bus if you stop for one second bootlicking him.

You have decided to savagely troll MAGA folks. shikilia hapo

@Purple ako sawa?

She’s busy quoting bible verses like Ruto