End of Iran prophesied

It’s all in Daniel chapter 11. Please read it guys. Even those who say the Bible is a fiction book.

Care to interpret this bullshit?

:D:D:Dbible thumpers awaking

Iran and North Korea were weak nations before the sanctions. They had no own technology, they had no weapon. The more the sanctions by the enemy…the more strong they have become…

So preaches a man who wants to to ferk inje ya kambi:D:D:D:D

Read the chapter and try to understand yourself

Kumwaga nje is not a problem

It’s all in there.


Amen but I think the Persian empire fell centuries ago

Linking every small conflict to the Bible is what makes Africans lag behind.

I’ve seen others say that these are the prophesied end days because of ‘wars and rumours of war’.

The truth is, in the entirety of human history, there have always been wars and rumours of war.
In fact, since the formation of the UN, we’re living in the most peaceful time in human history.

It’s true that wars have been around since day one of humanity but the end time events are clearly outlined in the Bible



Any basic reader of history will tell that this is an allegory to Darius, Alexander the Great and his Diadochi.

Chifu, si ni wewe tuko nawe kwa ile thread ya constellations na Betelgeuse? Itakuwaje tena hizi mambo?

I believe in both science and Christianity

Tbh, sijaelewa anything.