2020/2021 financial year came to an end last month. county governments are required to have spend their allocated budget by last month in preparation to receive the 2021/2022 disbursement from the national government. Unfortunately, majority of the counties had surplus. am told guys are on a spending spree. people are buying apartments, importing expensive vehicles, buying huge tract of land and so on. In the next few months expect a familiar headline like “how a junior employee bought 50 apartments within one month”. KENYA IS A BANDIT ECONOMY

Konyagi Increases Taxes ----> Government Officials and Politicians Steal those Taxes (2Billion/day “mnataka nifanye nini”) -----> Rinse and Repeat

That is how GoK steals from the common mwananchi. Taxes collected are pocketed by individuals instead of being used for development and provision of services.

Same old story. If you want to get value for your taxes you have to steal them back.