End of Careers of Footballers

I’ve just been thinking about the life cycle of a footballer. One moment you’re the hottest thing happening in the transfer window, next thing you’re a fringe player who no one remembers.

Here’s some of them

Wesley Schneider. World Cup squad material back in the day being snapped up for millions.

Robin Van Persie has gone back home

Etoo in fact I’ve had to crop out the earlier clubs. He’s 36 now and I think this will be his final run.

This dwarf went to back to Argentina, then China, then Argentina again. Wasn’t he the highest paid player in China? I wonder what happened.

Essien… Wacha tu

Look at this guy! He was once billed as the next sijui who. Now, retired at the age of 36 or thereabout

Ronaldo was kicked out (I think) of Real for being overweight and injury prone. He retired in 2011 and he’s 41 now.

Remember Shevchenko? Sofascore has seen it fit not to even add his details.

Who do you think is next?

Weka homeboy pia, Man of the people Oliech simba.

They retire early, but in those 10-15years they make more than 99% of us who will work till we are 70

Then 10 years down the line, a good number are bankrupt.

Javier Zanetti and Totti.

I remember Totti. Zanetti doesn’t ring a bell



yaani 2009 madrid ililipa 65 million kununua KAKA na manchieth imetupea 30 million pekee kuchukua sanchez

Xavi,Pirlo,Robbery,Raul,Casillas,Gaucho Ronaldinho

Messi ended careers za Ronaldinho and Etoo prematurely at Barca, and he is still the man 10years later

Dinho loved to party which made him lose form and Eto’o ni kichwa ngumu, he has fallen out with several coaches. Hata R. Carlos couldn’t stand him in Anzi Makachkala.

pumbaff,huyu ndio mgani?

Dereva wa tractor najua hujawai skia players wanaitwa ribery na robben

Kuku wewe

Weka ya Giggs or Scholes. One row and retired. One man club.

Anyway, its natural selections. You rise and fall. Today’s football stars start brightly at teens age. The trick is to get to a club with long term ambition with your talent at the onset. Preferably with a long term coach.

:D:D:D:D:D:DI was waiting for someone to pick that one up

Naona Giroud will go the same way as Van Persie. Underrated.

[ATTACH=full]159407[/ATTACH] I think also Gerrard was in Liverpool from utotoni


How about their actual age?? Hio miaka yao huwa ya ukweli?? Like wanyama how comes wasee husema he’s “younger” than his lastborn siz

Asante, I predict Rashford and Lingard will be the same.

Wanyama ako well into his thirties!


Ongeza ya Adebayor na Nasri also headed into oblivion!