End of an error

Ze wife has been skeptic of this kunguru since she called my phone when ze wife was using email on it. She told me to keep off the kunguru in riddles “si mzuri, huvunja ndoa, chunga, staki urafiki” unknow to her I had already had a piece of the cake.
This kunguru had changed my sex life, she had some deep appetite, sucked you till you was drained, she was just insane. So kunguru and I hit a rough patch once, went silent for a week or so but when we hooked up the make up sex was mind blowing. This became the norm, we reconcile, have craizy make up, fight, go silent for a week or two and the cycle continues.
Thou it came to an end and that chapter is closed, I look back and just smile (I think ntaanza thread ya venye tulipatana)

Haya… Enda upiwme sasa… Usipelekee bibi maugonjwa hazieleweki…

Nlipimwa kitambo

Wapi picha, ama at least illustration

ilisemekana hata BMI results ni admissible evidence :D:D

Puberty. If the whore is all that plus some cheese and wine, why marry another woman ? How does this work even for you? I mean why not marry the one you are writing here about and keep the one you are playing as a side dish afterthought manenos?

Not admitting your hiv results or even delaying to tell us your hiv results is a symptom enough of you being HIV positive…pole kwa msiba

That’s why one is a whore and one is ze wife

I think I stated that I got tested way back after the endeavour


I think I know you, Jesse. The Kunguru you are talking about. We used to share, short dark complection with madyamba kama ya Korazon. But usitence nlimuacha vile uliona tunashare na a third guy. And hio DP yako ya an old man. Plus that dick pic of yours just hilarious.


What happened here? :eek:

Si tulisema ni lazima upimwe twice otherwise you’re still positive!

heheh… her number starting with 0702…6, and Sells for a medical pharma (Sales rep, sometimes hutumwa ata Nakuru, Kericho and Machakos) , mpaka vile alikukazia RAW after ulikataa kupimwa ukimwi… mazee enda tu ukapimwe, vile nlimtoka I was quickly replaced so kama hujapimwa u aint safe [AIDS KILLS] . Remember your first meeting alikuja pantiles:D:D:D:D:D:D:D… Thats her signature move. Wewe ulisupply uber na some lingerie, and booz {The steamy pics were sent to all of us three}, mimi nlibuy the bed she currently uses and Moral support:rolleyes:, The other guy just provided some cash and booz (Sijui niandike hekaya vile I discovered she was doing us 3). your wife was right…

watu wapimwe tell em

Dossier! Noma sana. Kusalimiana na pooling resources to furnish the Kunguru’s house. Teamwork! values za team building kutumika kila mahali :D:D:D

Saturday niko VCT mapema sana

Andika hii hekaya and make sure you tag me on it thou number no 0707…

Wau.Shait! The OP and @MarkMarco should do a collabo on the hekaya. Haya ni mapepo