End of an era

Sad sad sad that these sistas of mine from other mothers decided to pull down the curtain on their fab YT channel. Rumour reaching us is that one Queen Les Makena aka Chris Mureithi has been munching two of them…



:D:D relax. Hii thread si ya sisi mayamaa. Wacha niite @TrumanCapote

Wanakaa kunuka kuma mayai imeoza

Usisahau mumama mbittika

:D:D:D mbitika anacheki mechi ya man city Sahi

Who is munching who? Cant see ni usiku bwana
images (33).jpeg

Siwes mind fivesome nao,bora durex featherlite iwe mpangoni!

Nipe number zao

MBitika a takeover hio show

Black t-shirt can gerrit…

who are these people?

That Lesbian called Pierre Makena also known as Chris Mureithi has been munching Jules and Ivy!!! They just could not get over their beef over THE SHE.HE.
So they pulled the plug on their fantastic youtube channooooo which we loved so much.

Great girls with a vision who kept us glued on their youtube channooooo

They now have individual podcasts unaweza wakuta hukooooo…

I rather eat a plate of warm shit than watch that online nonsense. Watombwe na Train

You did not have too Boss. They had 157k subs, they worked with several brands and made so much money. Above all this platform enabled them to quit their jobs and go do their own things.
Booda, I guess you can’t say the same.

I touched a nerve didn’t I,I saw their content and they thrived on emasculating men in a broad sense.And another thing, Im quite satisfied with what I have and what I’ve done in my life.

Nope you touched no nerve. I just responded HONESTLY and you did not like it. Hiyo ingine umesema ni yako.

Yaani Makena Njeri has decided that women won’t have peace in this country?