Enabling SSL & Rewriting the URL

Which one should come first when working with free hosting? Whenever I enable SSL on my site, the whole website goes down. What is the appropriate way to go about it?

What do you mean rewriting the URL?
Are you installing the SSL cert via CPanen or via WordPress plugin?

Via WordPress plugin, I want to change from HTTP to https

its amazing what a simple google search can accomplish https://wordpress.org/support/article/https-for-wordpress/

Shouldn’t you do it on the server first?

I am not sure how much access you have on the free server but sometimes it is better to pay 500 per month for basic hosting. If you want one, holla.

That said, enable ssl first, otherwise you’ll be pinging the server a second time after you rewrite your urls. Lets Encrypt is a popular free security certificate, you need to install this on the server. Its all automated so hakuna stress mingi.

Wordpress plugins are resource heavy plus you need to keep up with updates so I would keep them to a minimum especially on free hosting. You can, and should, enable your site to connect to the secure server, https, without using a plugin. Go to Settings, General. Under wordpress address url enter your https address. Save

500 per month ndugu? Na kuna ya $2.80 per month na $13 per year? …anyway nikama am limited with this free host

You gets what you pays for. Ona sasa helpline ni kenyatalk.

But enabling SSL is basic, every host implements it. Just check faq for you free hosting. Google penalises all sites without ssl and some browsers will not load the site. It is essential to have a ssl.

Asante lakini nilikuwa natafuta clarification, I know the whole process but nikimaliza to izi, the whole website goes down completely, I have to begin a fresh.

Thank you

Also be aware terms of service of most hosts prohibit illegal activities like selling bangi

Contact your hosting. Seems your hosting is not allowing you have that SSL - most want you to use theirs.

Go to Tools, Site health. It will tell you whether https is already supported on the server etc. If it is, all you have to do is change the site address to https.

If not, Do one thing, then test. Start by installing LetsEncrypt certificate on the server, then use the Settings, General tab to set https redirect on the website. Save, Clear cache, Refresh. Go to Tools, Site health check if that is now working properly.

Test alafu ulete error if any. Goes down completely means site cannot be found or what? What free host are you using? DM if you don’t want to post hapa.

Most hosts nowadays have one click installation of SSL and you site moves automatically from http to https

All Low cost hosting have limitations e.g Disk space, Bandwidth, etc which may affect your site

Managed to do it, sai site iko an hiyo key lock, …am using this host : https://infinityfree.net/

Thank you guys, thank you for the help, sasa wacha nipee client amalizie

Wacha kuwa ngati kwa siku unavuta collo za 100. Na umekataa talker anukishe onions.

Fiti sponyo, mimi naeza taka yenye inahost for a Year, hii mambo na monthly naona ni tricky. Nikurushie colo?

Lete biashara tuongee. Lakini kazi ya mia moja ama mbili per month is just not possible. There is just too much support work associated with these small sites alafu templates are infected with all manner of malware nikusumbuana kila mara server ina shida