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I have managed to read Uhuru’s speech of 14th January. It is laughable that some media houses claim it sets Uhuru’s economic agenda for the country with some even describing it as a bailout that will put money in the pockets of Kenyans.

I have said many times that our economy faces structural issues which requires serious thinking to deal with. We need to increase the contribution of manufacturing and services to the GDP.

In Kenya we are doing the opposite the share of manufacturing has reduced from 11% in 2012 to 7% in 2018 while that of agriculture has risen from 26% to 34%.

An agriculture dependent economy results in a low quality of life banana republic. This is worse when agriculture is small scale and rain-fed. Price fluctuation of agricultural produce depending on climate cycles ensure the farmers never make progress. One year you make some money, the following years you make big losses.

It is therefore painful to see the president focusing his economic speech on agriculture and saying nothing about the other economic sectors. He is only interested in politics hence the focus on farmers who constitute majority of voters. It is amusing the speech said little about the so called big four agenda.

Even then is agriculture just about coffee, milk, tea, potatoes, rice and bananas? What about the meat sector, sugar, maize etc. Was he talking about the economy of central Kenya or that of the country?


WOW this journalists, everybody and anybody talking down on Uhuru is now a hero, I may be wrong but look here
Kenya’s GDP in 2012 was 50.33 billion dollars total manufacturing plus agriculture Contribution was - 37.3% = 18.77 Billion dollars
Kenya’s GDP in 2018 was 87.92 billion dollars total Manufacturing plus agriculture Contribution was - 41.9% = 36.83 Billion dollars this is about double what was contributed in 2012 by the two sectors.

@sani and your collegues try and make this figures be your figures, if was you I could say that since Ruto is in charge of the Agricultural docket, there is significant improvement… not demonize everything and anything.

Data yako umetoa wapi? sisi data yetu iko provided na Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Kama kna mt anafikiri Konyagi 1 anafanya kitu juu ya economy akaangaliwe kichwa. He is just useless arudi nyumbani akakunywe vile anataka bila kusumbuliwa. Hii economy is fwacked up badala aibike aseme he caused the economy to fail kazi nikutoa useless statements which are never actualised. Bure kabisa. I am glad sikupigia hii mlevi kura.

@LINANI please remember the economy was rebased along the way to allow higher borrowing when borrowing was pegged on % of GDP.

Central Kenya obviously. The only Kenyans that matter

Uhuru Kenyatta is a conman.

Good read on what you are talking about. The curse of Kenya’s game riches