Now I have worked for 4 blue-chip financial institutions and I came to a realization that employment only offers you what I call an RRI i.e Reliable Recurring Income and four financial products namely a medical insurance cover, Pension plan, Group Life Assurance, and Personal Accident cover…and perhaps staff loans.

I have further realized the four financial products you can buy on your own from any insurance company granted for you have the financial literacy and prudency for just 100K per year. The staff loans would be unnecessary if you have a good credit score,say,800+ the banks will happily loan you any amount you want. The RRI, with grit and determination you can learn to make it for yourself and not give another man 160 hours a month for your time.

So why do we really need to be employed going by this information? Feel free to offer a counter argument

It is also an easy way to gather capital to stand on your own by diversifying investments using that capital and also starting a business in a less risky way

Are you still employed?

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save your Salo, stay in your financial lane and invest the little that you can for 10 yrs

How else would one make a living. Not everyone is cut for business.

u have to learn management of the business you want to start from your boss, pengine huitwa attachment angalau kenya wakati waatachment huanga very tight and small so inabidi mtu aajiriwe for 5 years alafu ajitoe aende aanze bizna yake binafsi

Having a job does not disqualify one from owning businesses

Id like to think that whatever experience you gained at the bluechips is very valuable and dear to you.
I also like to think of employment as a school outside school…where you get to test your skills, get mentored, network all at someone elses expense…your income although you forfeit time and other lucrative ventures.
So you spend a limited amount of time in school to gain knowledge…then also spend a limited amount of time in this school outside school to gain experience and contacts that you didnt get in conventional schooling…all this so that you can do what…GO FURTHER YOURSELF DOING WHAT FEEL LIKE.
So the issue for me has always been how long a person spends in employment…if you spend a decade in a firm or company and your still a regular employee not making mad cash and cant survive bila a salo…id consider you a failure…by hio 10 years unafaa kuwa ume go up the ladder and/or your a partner and/or you have a consultancy coming up mos mos.
I agree with simiyu…but employment has massive immaterial benefits…ukiweza onja ofisi…but dont end up being the office furniture.

Employment has immaterial benefits such as self esteem, sense of belonging/identity. When you introduce yourself as an “employee of KPMG” to institutions or your friends, there’s a good feeling inside because such jobs are scarce. It shows that you are a person of substance. Don’t even try quitting your job unless you already have established passive income and taken a month of leave to test what self employment really feels like. Utajua hujui! Be grateful for your job.

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What do you suggest I do if after 10 years I am still a regular employee? Aslo what you advise those in occupations that you cannot start consultancies?

Live life, enjoy life. It doesn’t matter where your money comes from so long as ni legit. whether employment, business, donations, inheritance…don’t get intimated by how others do their life. Do yours and live happily and remember you don’t need millions to lead a happy life; Christ is the center, the rest is vanity

LOL… I remember the KPIs and always defending my self worth. The politics were incredibly dirty. I can’t miss it

While I understand the premise of your post, the vast majority of people have to remain employed because they need that reliable and recurring income to pay their bills even though it does not improve their financial security of independence. To quit employment, you need to have some accumulated money or your business is already running. Saving money for capital is almost impossible for the majority because salaries are low and everything goes to paying bills. This however does not apply to highly paid individuals, those can quit jobs any time depending on their saving culture. Generally, saving about 200K per month for 10 years is adequate

haai ati saving 200K per month? How many pple are earning 200k in gross leave alone net, even here in ktalk? I wish wanaume hapa wanawezafunguka roho.

What if you are fired?


2000001210=24M. These must be the highly paid individuals you are talking about coz generally how many people earn that amount, leave alone saving it?

What am I doing with my life, great one. KNBS recently released data on average earnings and savings over 1m. How do you feed the data into your theory?

sitawai sahau…
never forget kuna msee alisema target yake ni 50million ndio aanzishe familia na 70 million ndio akuwe na 2 children