Empathy: Zaandam Cruise Ship and Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier!

The Issue of Zaandam Cruise Ship, Florida’s Thought Block!

The Zaandam ship has been turned away from docking at many locations. The last place we expected them to be barred from docking is Florida. This company in listed at the NYSE, meaning “me and you” might own shares in this company. The ship has US nationals aboard, plus the usual mix of nationalities/states that is on most cruise ships.

It is reported that there are 4 dead from Covid-19 within the Zaandam ship, and many more are likely to have been infected with coronavirus (within the ship). Initially the Governor of Florida Mr. DeSantis had refused them entry. But it is reported that Mr. Trump has had a chat with the said Governor and asked that the ship be allowed to dock. Mr. Trump’s voice was in addition to many more voices. Incidentally, the same Governor has been rather lackluster in the control of Covid-19 spread, having allowed beach parties to go on (despite advise to issue orders on social distancing); Gov, Cuomo is surely mad at him. He just accepted to issue stay at home order today! Slow. And , did he say that with regards to Zaandam, as of now he can only allow Floridians? What of persons from Texas, Ohio etc. who might also want to disembark?

Why would the passengers not be allowed to disembark from the very locations they boarded the ship? Why are they not being taken into quarantine? Are they not all entitled to humanitarian care?

Incidentally, this is not the only ship with Covid-19 infected people aboard. The US military ship (Theodore Roosevelt) is in the same quagmire with about 5,000 sailors onboard, out of whom at least 100 are Covid-19 positive. How should sane and informed humans handle such without occasioning more harm on those aboard and their families? Should the issue of state/race/nationality play a pivotal role where humanitarian issues are concerned? Should the sailors be made to suffer pain and anxiety for their service? Do they have enough equipment, and adequate medical personnel to client ratio to deal with Covid-19 emergencies onboard?

Many “Western” nations (UK, France, US, Canada) have evacuated and brought home their citizens from the Covid-19 affected areas, including Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, and Kenya. Why is it an issue to let those from Zaandam and the military ship to disembark, get quarantined and be assisted with medical services where needed? The point is that somebody somewhere has misplaced priorities, or so it seems! How are other ships in the high seas being handled?

END of USA and EU!