Empathy For Mulamwah; Pse Stop Online Bullying/Trolling


I hope this is the last sympathy thread about mulamuwa

Mtu anatokaje ocha akuje kuwa comedian Nairobi? Halafu maneno ikiwa ngumu anaanza kulia lia. Hapana hurumia yeye. Io time yote hawezi saidia wazazi nyumbani, mattress ni ile ile [ATTACH=full]297567[/ATTACH]

Watu ni wajipange, mtu akitoa video ya kulia lia na ma story zake mingi mingi, anahitajika anakua tayari ako na PAYBILL No na inakua kwa hio hio video, prominently, throughout.

Who the F is this?

What generation of pansy f*ckery is this? Look, if you can’t stand the heat toa mboro nje. The minute you stand chasing the devil that is fame, know that you’re putting yourself and family out there as well. You must have thick skin to withstand the trolls and negativity…otherwise you have a very brittle spirit.

My advice is toka online,achana na hii mambo ya comedy and get a 9-5 job ama vitu zingine… otherwise either ignore the hate and grind on,or stand up to bullies head on,pound for pound…plain and simple.

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Another dumbarse in vumbistan

Pia wewe uko huku

Buda, if you can’t stand the heat then stay away from the kitchen… Limelight is not forthe faint hearted… Let him develop a thick skin then come me back