Emotions have started kicking in.

We’re slowly sliding back to our primordial settings as we approach 2022 elections. Raila and his family and Ja’luo character are on the chopping board. The Kenyatta’s ni wezi bado iko kwa meza, stuff we’ve discussed since the led up to 1997 general election.
I thought LootAll had changed Kenyan politics, from stereotypical to issue based ? Well let’s see get favoured by these .

It’s a election year. All gloves are off. Fight for a tribe and/or pick your favorite demagogue. Fuack education (or knowledge ).

Hii kitu hufanyika kila mahali. Ata nyinyi Americans wa Kenyatalk si karibu mchinjane hapa last year mkitusumbua na Biden vs Trump?

Shouting match, and reasoning is thrown out of the window. Meanwhile, the youth who were supposed to vote based on issues aren’t registering to be eligible votes, and the Mt.Kenya region is doing worse.
Agwambo is kicking a$$, as usual.

I came to the conclusion, most youth, give them ksh 500-1000k and a round of beer, you have their vote. All that development agenda, save it for donors. Whomever will put the most money to the election will win.

Politics is a football match, and we’re trying to predict the winner to know where to place our bets.

Izi story zingine za sijui ethics, development record, previous performance usizichukulie Kwa uzito, ni statistics Tu.

We are yet to handle politics as a serious, life transforming and policy defining activity as a country.

LootAll was the man betting on the millennials to catapult him forward. I’m glad there’s voter apathy country wide.

Kenya seriously needs a third candidate savior…otherwise Ojinga na Lootall…hawatooshi mboga…I dare say mwizi sugu Kenyatta is better…than Babu…but how now do we have demoCrazy and no real choice?

In other news naskia watafanya Babu prezzo by force…how now?

Who would you be glad that there’s is voter apathy?

How is agwambo kicking ass when he is complaining about voter apathy in his own backyard?

The 2022 elections will be Far less tribal than the 2013 and 2017 elections. I know you wish and hope for the tribal politics because that’s the only hope for Uhuru.

The emotions that have started will suffocate any issue based reasoning. Start attacking the characters of the candidates and Tribal politics automatically kicks in.
Juzi , Sudi verbally attacked Tarus, and the Kalenjin style of leadership was castigated, what does that tell you ?
Kenyan since 1992 to 2017 have been voting along tribal lines, so what will have significantly change for the same to start voting based on issues ?
Team Tangatanga has been telling us how the millennials won’t vote based on tribal affiliations, but on issue, na sasa ndio hao , they ain’t registering as voters, leaving the stage for tribal based voters.
Toxicity is around the corner, the question is, who will it favor ?, that person, will be the person with a ruthless propaganda machinery.

Cha muhimu ni ati si rauki kupiga kura. Infact am planning hio siku nianze kuuza kahawa moto.

Who castigated the Kalenjin style of leadership? The people who will change the voting pattern will not be the new voters, but the old ones who will vote based on different circumstances. When people vote based on tribe, they not only vote based on the tribes they are loyal to, but also the tribes that they resent. You must be able to describe the tribe by the term “Hawa watu.” The most resented “Hawa Watu” are the Agikuyu. Now that the Gikuyu don’t have a candidate, then how will you use this resentment to your advantage? You can only do so if you pick a Kikuyu running mate. Any of the two who picks a Kikuyu running mate must be will to arouse the “Hawa Watu” sentiments against himself

Why do the Agikuyu evoke so much emotion?

Why isn’t anybody talking about the Akamba for instance? Nobody is campaigning there.

Several presidential candidates embarrassingly went to be ‘interviewed’ by the Mt Kenya Foundation. Why isn’t Ukambani being given similar attention?

Because the bulk of votes comes from GEMA, better focus your energy where you stand to reap big

ii narrative ni uongo, gema ni wengi bt sio wote ni eligible voters

Naona ukitukanwa unaweza kufikiria,ukiuza kahawa nitakufuata na donuts na mayayi boilo

Hehe. Tribal politics will never end. For example, what hope does a mkamba have of ever getting a top job? Cabinet imejaa kalenjins na kikuyu. Am sorry to say this but if someone wants any chance at those top jobs the best strategy ni kuweka mtu wenu awaonekanie huko mbele akishaingia. It is what it is.

Just wait and get fūcked.

Lootall has been dishing out money for the last 7 years every single day ,talk about deep pockets , tell me what he will do when he gets in to power ???

Tribal Politics will not end simply because there will be powerful people who will always play IDENTITY politics. Whether in the USA or in Kenya. The day faggots will become loud enough, elected politicians will start sucking up to them. The best solution to eliminate identity politics of any nature is to ABOLISH POLITICAL PARTIES