Emotional investment

Wadau this thing really stings more than a bee so have been on with this Chile and we’ve been together for sometime.
Nimekula hiyo Mali for sometime now and I don’t know kama alipata jogoo mwingine ama nini.
Alinipea Kuma for free this whole time na sijawai mpeleka out or anything so Ilikua nipange nimpelekee out for lunch just to appreciate her the moment I do that she starts giving me exuses.
imagine bana I said fuck it let me break this thing off na nikamwambia through text imagine the chick dint flich she just said okay and nilikua nimeinvest my emotions wadau.
How do you avoid emotional investment

By going through baptism by fire vile we umepitia. Once you get your heart broken a few times, emotional attachment becomes a thing of the past.

Emotional investment ni nini ? You became needy kama muikamba mjinga @chap.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds. -
Bob Marley

Mimi nikishakula kuma like three or four times then huwa natafta reason ya kubreak up. Ukiendelea kuona dem for long there is a risk ya kuform attachment and thats a game am not willing to play.

Learn about Balance of power then apply it in all your relationships, be it love relationship, Job or anything. Always find away to tip power towards your side. But hapa, you clearly gave the girl all the powers. I know you were always available when she called you. Sometimes it’s just better ghost her alittle. Let her know you have other things to do or she sometimes comes second in your life. Having emotions is not bad. But learn to sometimes be above your emotions

I applied that nikamghost for sometime but she reaches out but shida ni she just gives one word replies and she doesn’t bother to contribute to the convo man.we could go even for 3weeks bila kuongeshana

So u just threatened to break up and she called your bluff. Well, where you fall is not where u slid. Mahali ulianzia kumpea power over u is where u lost it . Or, she seems u not of great value to her life. In short, Hii imeenda unless you’re now willing to bootlick her for crumbs from now on coz she’s laid down the gauntlet

Kwani mnabembeleza wasichana bado huku nje?
Nikinyandua dem mara tatu ama nne story yangu na yake imeishia hapo tu. Infact naanza kulose interest haraka sana.

I would advise you usome The Law of Human Nature by Robert Greene. Especially hiyo chapter 1 on Humans and Irrationality.

Hiyo content imenisaidia sana whenever I find myself crushing on different women. Hiyo chapter itahelp to perceive someone beyond your fantasies and sexual desires

once or twice is enough and go to the next victim.

Wachana na ujinga ya emotions

fuck even more hoes banaaa utamsahau