Emirates, with money you reign supreme like a King


Wheelbarrow yenu wali-kneel down wakaanza kusuck dick immediately without questions or resistance.


You really think Heathrow needs KQ the way it needs Emirates?? The airlines don’t have the same negotiating power/leverage. No need to crap in local companies all the time.

That letter is very unofficial. Ni Kama ya jamaa kutoka JKuat amepitia local. Ati “airmageddon”, “plucked from thin air”, “ far flung locations”……very unofficial language.

You can talk your shit if you have the money, resources and connections to back yourself up.

Sai Waarabu hawashikiki. Hadi the senile POTUS anaenda kwao begging for oil na they’re refusing to increase production on his face.
Middle East countries have never had such an opportune time in history and they’re taking full advantage of the new power realignment among China, Europe & Russia.
They’re negotiating amongst themselves and cutting the US and NATO middle men off.

Why should they be polite? Was anyone polite to Kenya Airways? Today is the era of the strong and the weak, the strong do not have to give face to anyone.

Heathrow airport wamewaambia ni sorry basi hatukuwa na ubaya

I don’t know what the link between NATO and Arabs is. And the truth is, the Arabs can’t really increase oil production even if they wanted to. Oil mining is not like turning a mfereji off and on. There’s a lot that goes on in those rigs. From breakdowns, maintenance, etc. Also overproduction tips the price to lows.

Truth be told, there has been a huge glute of travelers this year. Everybody who couldn’t travel during Covid, jumped on a holiday back home. And it’s horrible, just about everybody who has visited has lost their luggage. Some for several weeks. Imagine coming to Nai and never receive your clothes until after you return. Lack of staff has played a huge part. So it’s true that airport is struggling to cope.

Not polite but official. Hiyo barua ni ka imeandikwa na karani.

NATO backs up western interests thereby the global economy.
So like in military and heavy industries you’re forced to pay for expensive defense equipment, tech, systems kama Mastercard, VISA.

Heck some western companies cannot afford 5G because their companies don’t have affordable scopes yet.

Like Europe is having to pay for the economic war between USA and Russia with NATO as the proxy. Common mwananchi Sai anaumia Europe sana. Reasons why their leaders are resigning. Italy’s leader just resigned some minutes ago.

The Ukrainians are paying with their lives

Walidanganywa hawa

If they can cut out their stupid religion based beefs and improve industrialization, kwisha the West.

Yeah but where’s the links to Arabs.

Very little industrialization will ever take place in those Arab countries. It’s not in their culture. Heck we even innovate in Africa.
Africa is the next frontier.


No king ever went around screaming they are king. You havent done anything bespoke that proves you are cut above the rest. Sit your low IQ ass down and be like the rest bonobo, acha kiherere ghasia takataka hii


For who though? Because this place isn’t getting richer with the kind of politics that are going on.