EMILIO MWAI KIBAKI - REPORT CARD (A Juxtaposition to Jameson Mukundi Wanjohi)

Prerequisite (Jameson Mukundi Wanjohi’s Report Card): https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/jameson-mukundi-wanjohi-report-card.150709/#post-2751936

Year: #10 (Class of 2013)

GDP Per Capita

2002 - GDP per capita - $389

2013 - GDP per capita - $ 1,210

Performance = The GDP per capita more than tripled

Grade = A

National Debt
2002 - 610 billion

2013 - 1.89 trillion

Performance = More than tripled the national debt in 10 years but the GDP per capita improved threefold. The increased debt translated directly to improved GDP per capita with a factor of 3.

Grade = A

NSE 20 Share Index
2002 (September 2002) - 1,027

2013 (2 May 2013) - 5,007

Performance = The stock market is often used as an indicator of how the economy is performing. NSE 20 share index improved five-fold during Baba Jimmy’s regime. People became billionaires and multimillionaires investing in stocks. The average investor 5X his or her money investing during that period. 1 million invested in 2002 (When Kibaki took over) was worth 5 million in 2013 (When he left office).

Grade = A++

Commentary: During Kibaki’s reign, public debt trippled, as it has during Wanjohi’s reign. However, Kibaki could account for the debt because it translated to tripling of GDP per capita i.e it was good debt. Kibaki was a good leader. The figures/facts speak for themselves.

You are mixing your numbers. Go change 2001-2012 …you are mixing up your dates eg 2013-2020? Kibaki wasn’t in power for that long

I have corrected the dates. That’s the only bit forgot to edit. Thanks.

Had this takataka of a president tripled our gdp, the per capita income ingekua 6000 usd and total gdp of 300 billion dollars by 2022
Mwenye atachukulia hapo a triple to 18,000 per capita by 2032 and we’d be a proper middle income country by then.
Another tripling by 2050 and we’d have caught up with the West.

Sure. If Wanjohi replicated Kibaki’s performance our GDP per capita ingefikia South Africa.

Kibaki was the best president in Kenya’s history. Na wakati ilifika time yake ya retirement, alitoka tu roho safi akaenda Othaya.

Huyu mlevi mwingine anataka kuwa prime minister beyond 2022 na yeye hakuna kazi ya maana amefanya.

Uhuru is too young

Too young to be sober n perform.

Do Mtu Pombe’s handlers read opinions of Kenyans out there? Does he know how unpopular his governance and how low the citizens think of him?

He’s a useless sheet that boy

Uhuru being a Kikuyu and kibaki too and we also know Kibaki favored Uhuru , why couldn’t he be seeking 100% kibaki advice on economy immediately he took over?

Ama Ruto alikataa coz first term ilikuwa nusu mkate?

How dare you compare a well educated and successful intellectual with a piece of **** !!! Have some respect!!!

Am in total support of anybody bashing jameson kinyua…I hope in the remaining part of my life i will never haveto see a repeat of these times after 2022

When you factor in the challenges Kibaki faced during his tenure (PEV and Global financial crisis),you get to see how good he really did!

Best president yes. But alikataa kutoka 2007…

Alikatalia 2007 like every other bonobo dictator and people died.:D:D:D

Arap looter akiiingia itakuwa worse

Here’s my 2 cents:
Kibaki revamped the economy and created lots of blueprints that would enable our country to move forward, but most of these were left as they were; blueprints on paper i.e SGR etc. Wanjohi was elected on the premise of implementing what baba Jimmy left but he fumbled and let that thug take the reins for the first five years. The thug looted like there was no tomorrow. He and Wanjohi did the implementation with their interests at heart. We got into crazy debt and the ship almost sank when Wanjohi realized that all these failures would be a hallmark of his legacy and he had to take back the reins from the thug, albeit a little too late. It is the duty of every Kenyan to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistake come 2022. Just my 2 cents.

Those things that you call blueprints were spaces to loot that were created by Kibaki people. These guys thought that the economy was strong enough to allow them to steal and that mentally continued in Uhuru’s government. The people behind both governments are the same

Wanjohi really is a piece of shit.