Emergency repairs restores normal traffic flow on Mai Mahiu-Narok Road in hours

Normal flow of traffic on Mai Mahiu Narok Road has been restored. Carriageway is now open to traffic, other off carriageway works will be done tomorrow.- ENG. PETER MUNDINIA. DG Kenya National Highways Authority. 14.03.2018, 1857HRS

The backfilling material was sourced from SGR Phase 2A construction site and they delivered it in record time.

Five excavator machines and 34 trucks have been provided for the rehabilitation exercise where an approximate 3,000 cubic meters of filling material has so far been used. Over 60 staff are on site to ensure the repair works are completed as soon as possible #SGRCares https://t.co/CeSiPwyZ3A


Just when I was about to make a joke about the chinese doing repairs and building a super highway in less than 10hrs I spot a chinese in the picture…:D:D:D But great work all around to fix the issue for now. What caused the fault though? It doesn’t look like it was washed away. More like it collapsed on itself.

This is commendable. Good work.


A sink hole due to the heavy rains. Its was over 10 meeters deep in some section. KeNHA mobilized its equipment to the site while CRBC mobilized from the other end of the collapsed road. With all those equipments from both sides and the top management supervising, work progressed quickly.

Hapo sawa…

Bw. Mkuki, I saw this on FB and was thoroughly impressed. Kenya is working, no matter what they say.

Wow, wonderfully done, just seen a colleague at the scene, didn’t know he was posted to those sides.

Good Job!
Tano tena https://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.pnghttps://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/03/225845_ba037f1f3eccfb4d46a2a5c2a401bf5f.png

@denis young, unacheka, but the truth is that Rex Tillerson and Donald Drumpf would never be seen at that scene, but they cannot stop taking undiplomatic digs at the Chinese

that was fast, proud to be kenyan


machinchu ndio kutender siku hizi

But what caused the collapse?

mother earth was flexing its tired muscles

This is very commendable work. It tells you we can fix our infrastructure if we want to as and when necessary.

However, that fault line… Is there no other route along the way that can be built to avoid this “collapsation”?

I do not believe that it’s a fault line.

Rather, it is a flatland very prone to flash floods, where torrential rivers form within minutes wash away all in their path. Raising the road and digging flood channels is the only solution.

A job well done.

Kwani Uhunye anapita iyo barabara soon…that was fast! I hope walitoa ile ng’ombe ilianguka hapo jana ndauwo akaiacha ijisaidie

Good job!
Silly Italians did not do a geographical survey? That road sits on the floor of the Great Rift Valley…! No wonder the company went broke!!
The Israelis only went as far as making the road as straight & level as possible.