Emergency medical care

The accident involving Migori county MP, Dr. Pamela Odhiambo and her entourage, where her bodyguard succumbed to the injuries (May the officer soul rest in peace). Had me wondering about the state of emergency response in our country, you could see the lady wriggling in pain as they transferred her to the ambulance, In my limited knowledge of first aid there are some instances rescuers aggravate injuries of the people involved in an accident especially as in her case where she incurred spinal injuries.
Are there guidelines on emergency response?, and who is in charge of enforcement of the said guidelines?

She succumbed to the injuries RIP

Keeping the cervical spine in a neutral position to prevent further spinal cord injury ni muhimu sana.

This Migori county has had quite a streak of bad luck…hm

And suddenly, everyone is a doctor :smiley: with 50 years experience treating spinal injuries. Don’t you just love it!


good samaritans wnakubebanga kama gunia ya makaa saa hizo uko na broken bones

True they tried to make her sit upright, she yelled in pain.

:D:D the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so they said.

It’s okay to sit upright if the person is wearing a cervical collar which maintains spine alignment.

She had other painful injuries, for example rib fractures can cause extreme pain.

You are a good person but this level of naivety is disturbing. How dare you use Kenya, guidelines and enforcement in the same breadth? Let me help you. There are traffic guidelines in Kenya. However, panda gari za umoja, rongai ama ngumo ujionee.

Wakufe tuuuu. Ata raia 55 walikufa juzi na tunaendelea na maisha.

There used to be SOPs for DCIO and DPP Officers placed by a naive Kenyan, but with the right person in office they became functional. Staffing is the problem but as usual each problem gets a solution.


Kenya tuko nyuma kidogo especially in complicated areas like healthcare.

I don’t think so. The medical professionals we have are the ones to blame. They take civilians lives for granted.

How so? If you knew how understaffed and underfunded public hospitals are hungeongea hivyo.
Even Nhif remittance is dispropotionate to that in private facilities.

Its all about Mooooney, Pesa, Chapaa! Jamuhuri iko shida! Matatizo meeeeeeengi!

Sababu gani private hospitals zimezunguka Major govt Hosps?! Kama nzi juu ya :meffi:

Mismanagement of government Hospitals isnt an accident or lack of capacity. Greedy People