Embu na Kandara

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You’ll never see the supporters commenting on this thread. Jubilee safi kama pamba.


That woman Mbarire has got ballz

Note that no ones car was torched and all will sleep in their house without the worry of arsonist attacking, compared to some region this is sparring.


Naaah, I would go for a torched car than those tumor inducing kicks meted on that hooligan.Human life is precious

:D:D:D:D Your choice.


:D:D:D:DAm sure that dude has gone home minus a few teeth. He better go for some scans on that head too. On a serious note seeking a political seat in Central is going to be a matter of life and death. I wouldn’t want to stand against likes of Waititu


mimi ni jubilee damu ,mambo ya embu na kandara inatuhusu sisi wana jubilee kiaje?


Wanaume ni kumenyana

I know a guy who was framed and charged with robbery with violence, a couple was hijacked and the car packed outside his garage, the couple claimed he was one of the hijackers, he spent 4 years in the coolers.

na 2017 bado…ngoja muone zile party hoping that will be there in 17. hope kenyans wataamuka this time around. Sme monkey different trees. I have said it here before usishangae kuona kalonzo anashift to jubilee and some one big from jubilee shifting to cord

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Hao sio pureblood ama vipi @Wakanyama??

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True story?

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sasa naona kama my next governor(ness) ni shemale


@Okiya reta rink ya fidio ntacrik

the hooligan knew the occupational hazards and has his nuts insured like messi’s legs…:D:D:D



Am sure he was paid 500 bob for his troubles.

that is what he is worth. he weighed his options and decided it was more worthwhile than a day cutting thaara for a dairy farmer’s cows…

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