Embu governor

Currently on inooro fm. Methinks Wambora is a great leader though words are not enough,but before he fully engaged on battling for “his” seat, he had a noble idea of building a fertiliser factory. The idea I believe died from there.
What he has now gone and done is,he has bought a coffee milling machine from Brazil. of interest is whether/how he will square this bold move with the cartels running the coffee industry
Embu people what say you


me thinks the embu governor is not a good leader

Tueleze zaidi

first that court case should not in any way disrupt service delivery the executive should have been working and delivering development projects to the people

he is too much a technocrat and gets bewildered when he is required to be oily like a politician should be…him, kithinji and kivuti are not politicians when you compare their styles to that of njeru ndwiga or mbarire…

Huu uzee wako umekuja na insomnia ya watchhy wa shule

mbarire will be the next embu governor

you never know what money can do…especially when you combine kiragu and wambora’s combined billions…who’s taking over as runyenjes mp?

kiragu cant get any seat any seat in embu even as a m.c.a
wambora isnt a bad person but lacks strategy and advisors
mbarire is a goodleader has advisors and strategy.
next Runyenjes mp should be a young person my vote will go to Eric Muchangi Njiru, the mukurino guy

hapa sina la kusema,but Wambora amepoteza mwelekeo,launching projects that are never completed (on time),zero maintenance, looting in the county offices iko level 8 ,meffi even a Sacco they had launched for youth went down with our money …chieth gafana

pole…ungerminating seeds…

Next governor 2017 will be Cecily Mbarire.

Kivuti got into senatorship to secure his mbeca as did many technocrats who had ‘dealt with govt’… He may gun for governor as that has more power now it seems…

not likely…

Ukabila ndio unamaliza Wambora polepole. And his thuggish guys who’re worse than the immediate preceding kanjú.

correct me if I am wrong but I thought Embu is largely homogeneous

You thought wrong. Natives are mainly Embu, Mbeere and Kamba, with significant Meru/Tharaka minority. One of his (former?) CECs has even taken the governor to court alleging discrimination and being ‘unfairly targeted’ on the basis of his tribe.

Due to the legacy of having been a provincial headquarters, very many different tribes settled there, most permanently, making the place quite cosmopolitan for a largely rural town. The PEV resulted in an even larger influx of ‘non-Embu’ people due to this cosmopolitan legacy.

Shida ni, his policies and the minions of clueless nincompoops he has hired as CECs, Chief Officers and the likes have been on a spree dismissing and generally frustrating non-Embu civil servants so much so that most are opting to either resign or seek transfers to other perceived ‘safe’ counties. His actions are giving his opponents a free ride in the campaigns.

kwanza the embu-kibugu road will be the last nail in his coffin

There was a time last year local businessmen, contractors and suppliers held protest demonstrations due to delays in paying them. They went as far as nailing shut the windows of the county assembly.