'Embarrassing' moments and quick remedies

Hawa enyewe ni wanawake immoral sana…kuoga ni new year resolution

:D:D Unataka nifukuzwe internship?

kumbe wewe ni ben10 material ndio wamebet nani atakufunga kwanza kesho? at least you’ll get laid…

na ataoshwa pia


When I was working in a certain co. ,I got a 4th date with a guy I really liked from our sister co… I was inexperienced ,so when making out,things got heated up real first…I did’nt know what he stroked kinda roughly(I now know twas the Gspot :P)the scream that I gave out woooo ,guess tht feeling shocked me. I straightend out my dress,went to the bathroom very first and made an excuse n left. One of the most uncormftable bus rides home…after that encounter I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to come across that guy at the office…

Msee alijipropel kwa stairs na mshuto…

:D:D:D Yani hukua ata umetoa nguo kabisa kabisa

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dnimecheka nimetemea keyboard maji. @Female Perspective kuja uombe kondacts za huyu jamaa

This cannot go unchallenged…hii Si kitambo coz you are talking of sister company ie when employed…you are close to a virgin!!! Making out means sex,right ama Ni itchy fingers that were doing the walking? And secondly hukuwa umetoa dress…sasa hii mambo kaani!!! Aaahhhh give me that opportunity now!!!

akaachia madem laughing gas

Zii… Nerve gas kama ya @Meria Mata aki hunt Pweza.

Making out is kissing ,touching n stuff…hakuna kutoa nguo:D:D

ai??? @Purr_27 is right. Making out si lazima penetrative sex iwe involved

Alishangaa nini mbaya na mimi…

Hair trigger…

Nywele zinasimama at the back of the neck :slight_smile:

Wewe nawe kwa hivyo G spot iko hapa forehead? Ili iguzwe lazma Kuna kitu ilipita hapo either shuma ama ndole


wewe nawe si lazima vitu zote zisemwe. zingine unajijazia