Embarrassing 5G war for the west

Evidence ama ni kuropoka tu?

Ren Zhengfei, a former deputy director of the People’s Liberation Army engineering corp, founded Huawei in 1987 in Shenzhen. Rather than relying on joint ventures to secure technology transfers from foreign companies, which were often reluctant to transfer their most advanced technologies to Chinese firms, Ren sought to reverse engineer foreign technologies with local researchers.

This doesn’t prove Huawei “was once a Chinese Military Department”, as you claimed. Ren was a former PLA officer, yes., but there’s zero evidence to conclusively show that Huawei has military ties other than its founder being an ex-member. How many western tech companies have been started by former soldiers? Does that automatically make them military departments of their respective countries? Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Huawei really was a department of the PLA, but the west has not provided sufficient evidence to link the two. As things stand, they’re just grasping at straws.

Basi sawa umeshinda… wikipedia is wrong. The Chinese Government records on shareholders is also wrong. By the way watch the video; it says "Huawei was … "

Do you want me to go to China and do a search to find the shareholders (at there Sheria House equivalent)?

If you look around and there is no fool, then you should stop looking.

Thanks @kyuktothecore those words are straight from my thought trail.

Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. FYI, anyone can edit a Wikipedia article to suit a certain agenda, including western agents bent on destroying Huawei’s reputation.

Where are these records? Care to post them?

I watched the video. Again, a Youtube video is not a reliable source of information. Just below that video, the owner makes this correction.

The guy already made a huge blunder about Hong Kong, but I’m supposed to believe he knows for a fact that Huawei is a department of the PLA?

You don’t have to do that. Maybe you could head over to Huawei.com and choose to believe them when they say "Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees."

They can boycott, rest of the world won’t support American stupidity anymore.

Wait,those are USA’s safaricom they don’t manufacture the equipment.

This includes multinationals, a phenomenon that has had many companies from Germany to the US to Japan complaining that CCP members interfere with their operations.
In essence it is like Jubilee placing party members in all major companies in Kenya like say Jubilee Insurance, BAT,Airtel,Vivo, Total and the likes.If your company grows past the 1 billion shilling mark, the Government(or rather the party in power) compels you to have a party member on your board.
You can bet Huawei not only has 1 but several CCP members who ensure the company fulfils the agenda of the CCP.

Wait until China asks for your organs for speaking against Jubilee.
Those guys have a billion people, I am sure kidney failures there happen by the millions.

Gai mwathani!! Saa zingine ni vizuri kutumia Google before uropoke Jamaneni. Utaacha kuniaibisha hapa

Qualcomm hawako kwa hiyo race. Ni Ericsson na Nokia. No American company wako kwa hiyo race

Whete is the evidence of this?

They will stop you from doing that in YOUR OWN COUNTRY? Or what version of propaganda are you trying to propagate here

According to you even data stored on foreign soil with huawei equipment by a non chinese company can still be accessed by Chinese government if they request for it?

From you argument you don’t understand the difference between data, equipment anf backdoors

Ask the rural Internet providers in the US who mostly use huawei equipment

How is all these related to to Huawei Tech? Just how?

Should we also start listing the atrocities committed by US government then link them to intel, google, Microsoft etc?

Ummmmmmmm, that’s Chinese law. If you have a problem with it, all you need to do is stay out. These western companies speak from both sides of their mouths, on the one hand complaining about “punitive” Chinese laws while still rushing in to grab a piece of the juicy market. No one forces them to invest in China, I’m sure they understand all the laws even before setting shop there. I’m sure all foreign companies that invest in America have issues with some aspects of American law, but comply all the same.
If I clearly tell you you must have a party member in your board, and you still invest in the country, you should shut up because you agreed to the terms and conditions.
In 2010, Google pulled out of the Chinese market, allegedly because they were principled enough to say no to Chinese censorship. Now, they’re planning to go back to China, with new apps specifically designed for the Chinese market, including all the censored stuff Chinese authorities don’t like. What happened to Google’s principles?

5G moto wa kuotea mbali


Apple agreed to host icloud data of Chinese users in China. Why didn’t they say no and stop selling and manufacturing their products in China? Watu wengine hapa humeza tu propaganda za ujinga