Embarrassing 5G war for the west

Thanks I misspoke. It was a test of alertness and you passed.


Sijaskia Safaricom wakilalamika about Huawei

Ericksson manufactures 5G base stations but they have mainly focused on LTE ,which has been their undoing.
Those praising China are retards.China wants to control you.
Anyone who used apps like WeChat can attest to this.
For one week last year,the words No and I disagree were banned on the platform.
If you wrote it,the recipient would never get it.
What is to stop them from short-circuiting your phone for googling Tiananmen Square and starting a thread of it on K-Talk.
What is to stop them from making sure you cannot even use Google.
Anyone with a Samsung phone from China can tell you how Tencent products are forced on consumers and an unlocked version,you cannot even type in the home page of Google.
Na hakuna Play Store. And apps like New York Times refuse to sideload.In fact,when you try your IMEI is sent to the Chinese authorities.
I prefer America’s hegemony.

By Chinese law,a member of the Chinese Communist Party must be in every board of every major Chinese company.
In short,if the Chinese Government wants to seize the information of every American user of Huawei products,all they have to do is ask and Huawei will hand it over without nary a whimper.
In contrast,in the US,companies can only work with the US Government under the Patriot Act IF THEY WANT TO.
Microsoft does.
Apple does not.That is why they refused to hand over private information of a terrorists to the Government and told them to hack the system themselves but not to involve Apple.

Michael Joseph loved their products but hated their after -sales services.He literally described Huawei’s after-sales services as absolute shit.

BT announced they would remove Huawei equipment from their core 4G network within 2 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vodafone, which controls Safaricom, makes a similar announcement. Lakini hapa hawa watu ni kujipiga kifua tu, Huawei is miles ahead in 5G technology. Stripping the already installed networks will be a costly undertaking. Unless their governments will refund them for the expenses incurred, I just don’t see shareholders agreeing to such nonsense. Blocking Huawei from future contracts is a more realistic option.

Hii ni kelele. Edward Snowden already showed us the US government can access any data at will, Patriot Act or no Patriot Act.
America is complaining about something Huawei and China might do while they’re already doing it and have been doing it for decades.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Africans. Retarded as always. Can’t see the propaganda here. If one or two of us believe that uncle Sam ako down technologically, they need to have their heads examined properly. One retard even thinks Murica is unable to hack Apple phones. Ghai!!!

Tulisema hii porojo muache 2018, tuko 2019 na fact checking is just a few finger taps away

Us gov is just scared shitless, they had to find a way to slow down the chinese juggernaut which if unhindered was about to be a major player in their telcomms, perfectly understandable. And of course chinese would have used the dominance to advance other agenda, typical for any nation with world domination ambitions, the US would do the same and is doing so. Problem for me is chinese are manufacturing a huge number of other electronic gadgets and components which they could easily use for espionage and which are already in use in the US, is it a little too late for this action ama telcomms was the tie breaker?

Tell us about DARPA and its behind-the-scenes links to US tech companies…

Shainaman penetration

Better to be controlled by China than by uncle Sambusa

And did you read the Act???
1.You have to have a valid warrant and a legitimate reason why the data is being obtained.Otherwise,the evidence will not hold up in court.
2.It is based on National Security reasons.
Now to China.
If you are on social media and you make any indication that you are a House Christian or a member of Falung Gong, you are automatically an organ donor.Whether you like it or not
If you express any and I mean literally any form of dissent(such as saying I disagree last year),you go to a labor camp.
If you are a Muslim and you pray 5 times a day,off you go to China’s version of Siberian gulags.
If you post a picture of the Dalai Lama. Your passport is confisticated.
Now on to the international arena.
On every American platform,the US has collected data from you.
Has it tried to suppress your speech,condemned you for your porn preferences or gone on a massive campaign to suppress opinion???
On the contrary?they have allowed both left wing radicals and right wing nazis to run amok in the name of freedom of speech.
You clearly have never used any Chinese app.
I use WeChat a lot and do business with the Chinese.
Chinese or not.Dissent is not tolerated on the app.And my old phone’s IMEI was sent to the CPP.
I prefer American Hegemony by faar!!

America sio ati wako down sana, ni ati wako nyuma ya China saa hii. Hio ndio inafanya Trump halali, anaanzisha trade war kama mwoga mwenye ameshindwa vita. America’s time is over, China is the new America. The Red dragon has arrived

Christians(alongside Falung Gong members) are involuntary organ donors in China and they have started harvesting the organs of West African women too.
Your porn would be banned.Try sharing porn on Weibo and see.The CPP regards porn watchers as deviants(alongside anyone who watches Manga and video game addicts)
Your complaints about Jubilee would be removed 12 seconds of posting and repeat offenders would be reported to the Police.
China has actually done this in Venezuela.The third part in particular.
Your freedom to insult the US is protected by American law.China makes sure you end up providing pricy corneas to the upper class

The most searched/downloaded series the whole of 2018 is yixing palace…
You can guess from where…
@Purple, just a hint… There is no country called yixing


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