Embakasi ICD

currently flooded, container submerged in water. what remedies are available to affected importers?

serikali Italipa garama c inataka transporters watumie ICD

Maritime insurance is mandatory. o_Oo_Oo_O

si hata 'tainer huanguka baharini na kupotea?

You do know these containers can survive even if they sink in the ocean. A little water isn’t going to affect the goods inside the containers.

Is that so??

There are many items that can be damaged by high humidity levels leave alone getting submerged.
That’s why you see many items in containers packed together with silica gel.

effidence puana efidence

The containers are very well sealed. And even if they get any damage they are insured.

Na kama imebeba sukari? Si tutachemsha tu hiyo maji hapo kando and make some strong tea with it? Ama?

nambakranja mujinga you are fery slow


Isn’t the Port Reitz Container depot exactly like this for like 5 months of the year???What losses have you ever heard from there???

But are they water tight?

Maritime ends where the shore starts…unless you go for Maritime+GIT ndio ziwe covered from Point of Loading-Point of off loading

the only reason utabeba sukari na container ni magendo.Hiyo unakula kiburi yako.

Drainage system ya sgr iko sawa. Wacha kusumbua bana. Nionyeshe ile container imeharibika

Siasa baridi hii. All containers zibebwe na SGR mpaka Embakasi ICD.

CFS wa Msa na truckers walambe lolo.

Jam haishi Msa rd juu ya trailers nkt

@incognitus wacha kujisumbua ku post pics za ICD. Those CFS mofos wa mombasa are still in denial stage. Watachoka kupinga sgr wata adapt