Embakasi Blast Suspects


On 1st February, 2024 at around 11.30pm, a huge blast incident took place at an illegal LPG gas refilling point situated at Mradi area of Embakasi, Nairobi.

The LPG refilling site is rented by Derrick Kimathi (the prime suspect) and put under the management of one Stephen Kilonzo.

Arising from the blast, six fatalities have been recorded, and about 300 persons suffered different degrees of burns. Some were treated and discharged, while others are still admitted at various hospitals in serious conditions.

Several motor vehicles, business premises and residential houses were also destroyed by the harrowing inferno.

The DCI continues to condole with the families of those who lost their dear lives, and wishes for the quick recovery of those recuperating in various health facilities.

Meanwhile,to ensure that justice has had its way, the DCI teams that are investigating the dreadful incident have so far arrested main suspect Derrick Kimathi alongside three NEMA officials who were found culpable.

These are David Ongare (Director Environment Compliance), Joseph Makau (Head Environmental Impact Assessment) and Mirrian Kioko.

Five other suspects are still at large and are wanted by the DCI to answer to their crimes that have caused untold physical and emotional suffering to fellow Kenyans.

These includ Stephen Kilonzo (the site manager), Ann Kabiri Mirungi of NEMA, Lynette Cheruyoit (NEMA’s Senior Environmental Officer), truck driver Robert Gitau and Abraham Mwangi (driver).

Should you have information on the whereabouts of any of the suspects, please #FichuakwaDCI by calling our toll-free hotline 0800722203 or report at any police station.

Curious why they aren’t showing us owners pictures

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No wonder, he is being handled with kid gloves. Anyone else ata breakfast ya the following morning angekulia kiambu road

Genuine question, kisanga kama hii ikikutendekea what’s your next course of action. Juu mi siwezi ngojea kushikwa. Saa hii ningekuwa in the thickets of Congo forest. Kushikwa hii ni life sentence