emasculation of the black man; a conspiracy


how they subliminally put their agenda across without people noticing. Carrying purses becomes a fashion choice



Black rappers now are popularizing ‘eating booty’ which is sodomy but looks cool because your favorite rapper said he does it even if it’s with a woman. It’s sub-consciously feeding this agenda to you without you knowing it. Stay woke.

One must either have an extremely feeble mind to fall for this or is predisposed to and therefore is looking for an excuse/trigger

children are naive… remember there are children. A child will look at Kanye as cool and want to emulate his fashion choices including wearing a dress


If that’s what children grow up seeing, no fathers at home… There’s only one way this goes

Boondocks ilisha predict huu ushoga wa rappers

Wokeness is how we got into this in the first place. But hii maneno ya Hollywood ya kuinfluence culture bila counter-culture imewacha watu tu ukubali ile upuzi watasema ikubalike otherwise watakuita this or that phobic. Pretty ridiculous

Wafrika ni wajinga mbona we don’t copy Indians wa Bollywood.

That bag Kanye is carrying will purchase the apartment Block you live in there at Umoja.

Mkubwa what if your father is Babati, the musician. You also see him wearing dresses and make up in the house.

Dave Chapelle has shared on how Hollywood producers were always insisting he wears a dress.
Jamaa told them Sigwesi! One of the the things that made him akasirike and move to S. Africa.
He’s been able to make back all that money back. Comedy central were forced to pay him his dues Za all those years by Netflix.

I have never seen a white male actor playing woman scenes.