Emasculation and betaization

Many women are highly dependent on verbal stimulation to be able to enjoy their sexuality fully. As experienced players we have known for years that one of the main roads to having a woman sexually aroused is through the use of rich, verbal descriptions. Brizendine [7] states:
“Connecting through talking activates the pleasure centers in a girl’s brain. We’re not talking about a small amount ofpleasure. This is huge. It’s a major dopamine and oxytocin rush, which is the biggest,
fattest neurological reward you can get outside of an orgasm.”
In our experience, female arousal, and the pleasure connected with talking that Brizendine writes about, are actually not separated from each other. Bluntly put, effectively delivering rich, descriptive speech makes women horny.
But there is much more! A woman is dependent upon the actions and the attitude of her man with respect to how aroused
she is able to become. That is, a woman is in some ways just like as it is written in the Bible; a part of the man’s body. This
is because in order for her to be sexually receptive, she first has to find within a man a combination of several attributes. Based
on out experience, a combination of male sexual dominance, and the skill of verbally stimulating emotions within a woman,
will cause a very large number of women to become irresistibly sexually attracted.
Nature, however, has been cruel. It is not natural for most men to be so verbally descriptive. If a man is too verbally descriptive with a woman on an ongoing basis, this will eventually lead to the emasculation of this man, or the perception that he is a homosexual. In fact, such a man will tend to become more and more submissive as he agrees to verbally and emotionally open himself up to the woman.
When a man becomes more and more effeminate by opening himself up emotionally to a woman, female attraction towards that man will invariably plummet. This is because the relationship is lacking the other important quality that a woman needs for sexual arousal: male dominance.
When a man allows himself to open up to a woman for too long of a time, he is in effect being slowly transformed into a woman, from her point of view. At the very beginning, opening up in this way will create a huge increase in her sexual attraction, but eventually, if the man gives up his masculine dominance in the process, it will cause her to her lose her attractionvfor him.

Write an article that reflects our Kenyan reality. Such talks are Impossible for a Family Residing in a bedsitter. Even in a two or three bedroom house in a flat, made with no soundproof materials.
How do you talk sh!t while fcuking your wife, and at the ssme time sharing the same room with your 13 and 15 yrs daughters.
Hii big four agenda ya housing ikuje haraka. We want to enjoy sex, like those in 1st world countries.
Do you know how depressing it is for a woman not to scream while reaching orgasm ?

What I know is that money makes them wet. Maybe it helps men be dominant

There’s a myth that women love through their ears. But in reality they love through eyes only, while money is just a tool to make them blind.
The sweetest words coming from the mouth located on someone’s ugly face(in girl’s opinion) turn to disguisting noize.

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Talking sio verbal tu…

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