Email harvester for mail marketing

Kindly assist with software/tools for email harvesting (Collecting local emails).

I have a list of 150 local emails…unatoa chai??

Uyu nashuku ako na majani tu

Nah, let’s talk when you have 1K+ emails.

Create a page with a contact form widget/plugin. There are alot of free contact forms out there. Share it widely so as people can put info through it. You can do a harvest by creating a fake job advert like became a millionare overnight, put your info >>here<<, etc depending on the target niche. Alternatively u can just upload a free book on a page then request people to give you their email for a free download.

can someone comb me, what is email harvesting and how does one benefit from it?

Try SendinBlue…

kujia database ya 500,000 emails zingine iko na password fresh from mukuru kwa dream market ama old database ya 20,000 ya silk road

Kusanya emails in bulk alafu unafanya marketing nazo like selling your products