Elon Musk’s New Permanent Home Is a $50,000 Box—Take a Look Inside

The difference with these Boxabl houses vs regular tiny homes is the former can be packaged into a “box” and shipped anywhere in the world.
The interior of a Boxabl instant house. Boxabl/Twitter

The world’s second richest man Elon Musk, despite a net worth of $166 billion, famously doesn’t want to own any assets so that he can focus on the bigger missions of making Earth greener (Tesla) and moving human beings to Mars (SpaceX). He’s not kidding. The multi-billionaire recently said he’d sold all of his mansions in California except for one event house in the Bay Area.

But the man still needs a place to live. Earlier this month, Musk tweeted that his primary residence now is a small rented house in Boca Chica, Texas, near SpaceX’s development and test site.

[I]The Houston Chronicle[/I] revealed in a Monday report what the inside of Musk’s humble home looked like: It’s literally a box—a mass-produced, 20 feet x 20 feet foldable, prefabricated home made by Boxabl, a startup making modular instant houses.

“The ‘Boxabl Casita’ Musk reportedly lives in is set up like a studio apartment, with one large room partitioned into a living room and bedroom area, a fully equipped kitchen band a bathroom with a tub shower,” the Chroniclereported.

“It’s kinda awesome though,” Musk tweeted.

Last November, Boxabl posted a video on YouTube announcing that the company had just built a Casita house for a “high-profile” and “top-secret” customer in Boca Chica. The customer was apparently related to SpaceX because the house shown in the video had a poster of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on the door.

The identity of that top-secret customer became even clearer after Musk tweetedearlier this month that his current home is a $50,000 house in Boca Chica.

On Sunday, the YouTuber Meet Kevin tweeted that he’d asked Boxabl CEO whether Musk currently lives in a Boxabl house. The CEO replied, “Can’t say.”



Great concept

Do houses need to be permanent

Elon Musks should focus in making a portable grave

Kidnappers sasa wajitayarishe vile watashika iyo mbirrionaire kwa hiyo box waifinye itoboke.

Great thinkers with a revolutionary grand solution. I wouldn’t mind shipping in one of those Casidas and forget ever dealing with scumbags of fundis here.

lakini naona inalipiwa per month

Brilliant. We need more and cheaper concepts.

Would love to get one of those in kenya and just set it up in my farm, setup some solar water pumps and solar electric power and I will be living happily ever after

Naaaah. Siwezi ishi kwa mkebe mimi.

US citizens pay $250k+ for a wooden prefab semi permanent house. It has never ceased to amaze me.

Do people still believe Elon Musk? Jamaa will lie for his own greed. If you really believe Elon the billionaire who manipulates the markets lives in a small box then you’re the dumb one.

Ultimate man cave

It is great to realise that there is a rich person who is free from different stereotypes about wealth and he is really busy with something which is very important for the wole humanity and Earth. Elon doesn’t care about the picture he produces because such a behaviour can be called extravagant. However, Elon Musk just does his work and wants to do it better by concentrating on this whole process.
Actually, judging from the title of the thread, I thought that Musk has gone crazy. Nevertheless, his new house is really nice and futuristic. I mean that it is great that it can be transported to some other part of the world. So, you can change the country of residence without the fear that your real-estate will be lost or that you’ll have to sell it.

Elon musk is a scammer


look at you, you want to pay fundis horribly (of course you did, since they are scum to you!), so they devise ways to make better money off you, lakini architect unafika bei bila matamshi…