Elon Musk Paid Ksh 26,000 To Laikipia's BJ50 Manufacturer For ALL Patents Current & Future, Pure Peanuts

Malisa hio ghasia takataka

Jimit umbwa mcoondu firimbi usitupigie kelele hapa sisi si watoto wako kumbaffu nugu

Mcooshite iko wapi brothel yako ingine ya Kisumu?

I was at least 90% sure that shit was fake, it simply didn’t add up as to why he would want his brand associated with that contraption and the $260 for the patent rights didn’t make any sense either nika kimbia twiiter yake sikupata any post about this. but funny enough hio sweep is something ghasia Elon Musk could actually say without batting an eyelid.

Kenyans will believe anything,please,let them be:D

Anunue asinunue hainifaidi wala kuniletea hasara!