Elon Musk Paid Ksh 26,000 To Laikipia's BJ50 Manufacturer For ALL Patents Current & Future, Pure Peanuts

Laikipia County made economic history after the County’s nascent vehicle manufacturer BJ-50 was acquired by the renowned vehicle manufacturer Tesla!

In the deal that was announced by Elon Musk on twitter and confirmed by the Laikipia County Government, Tesla will pay KShs 26,047 to acquire the patents, factory, workers and stock of the BJ-50 car that has already received more than 30 orders from various smoky vendors in the country

This effectvly means that in future if this Laikipia Engineer discovers a way to improve his motors or batteries technology he will have to contact Elon Musk since BJ50 is just a subsidiary of Tesla.

This is exploitation

Elon Musk said that the acquisition was a strategic move by Tesla because it would give the car manufacturer the much-needed resources for their work. “We plan to import those cars in order to extract steel from them which we will use for other industrial purposes. It is an easy way of getting cheap steel and avoiding the many taxes associated with steel import.”

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Elon Musk got a very raw deal

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Musk also said that the car will serve the local market in Kenya very well, saying that the car matched the energy of the country. “From a social perspective, Kenyans deserve BJ-50 and not Teslas. The appearance of the car matches their leadership and societal values. We thus hope to speed up the production in order to serve Kenyans.”

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Why are kenyans so susceptible to fake news? Don’t believe everything you see online.