ELON Musk now tied with Gates as 2nd richest man

Guy is taking no prisoners at top list of richest billionaires

Hong Kong (CNN Business)Elon Musk’s rocket-like climb up the ranking of the world’s richest men continues.
The Tesla (TSLA) CEO’s net worth soared on Monday as shares of his electric automaker hit a record high, boosting his net worth to $127.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, which tracks the world’s 500 wealthiest people.
For a couple of hours that put him slightly above Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft (MSFT) and the world’s second-richest person, who was estimated to be worth $127.7 billion. The latest readout from the Bloomberg index has the men tied on $128 billion each.
Musk’s fortunes are directly linked to those of Tesla. His biggest asset is the company’s stock, of which he last owned about 20%, according to Bloomberg.
This year has been very good for the entrepreneur. So far in 2020, Tesla’s stock has shot up almost 524%, helping Musk add more than an estimated $100 billion to his wealth. That’s more than anyone on Bloomberg’s global rich list, the outlet reported.

This bullshit is always insulting in my head…
if a man cannot account for ‘a bonobo alfa cannot account for his purported wife & kid …it’s bullshit …amezalishiwa’

those figures you are ‘quoting’ musk cannot account for it ‘really’…

rogue terrosist bombing their main ‘virtual’ plant will tumble stock terribly…
unlike toyota which has assets na assosiates globally

well, your bonobo brain thinks that the greatest achievement ni kuzalisha, as for him its different. He has his focus elsewhere. As for stocks he can choose to liquidate at the current price if so wishes so stocks are also a measure of wealth.

You can’t liquidate without having the prices massively falling

on the contrary boss …are you high on stuff???
re-read my statement:D
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He is the emblem of the company and so it would be expected, but he could sell the shares little by little without raising many eyebrows. But non the less, stocks will always be a measure of wealth.

Elon deserves all the success coming his way. That man has an incredible work ethic

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The company is ‘volatlie’ …the bastard came ‘brazzing’ like a tickled critoris @mr shairman

You are just projecting your American hate… electric cars is the future and even Toyota recognizes this fact. You can hate the guy but he’s just living his American dream. I believe if he chose your beloved Russia instead of USA he would be nowhere to be heard.

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Tesla like Apple outside of Murica is dog shit…
trump tried to protect apple from from Huawei…time will tell

There is no apple or tesla outside US…that is the fact

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What do you expect when a mad man and imbecile has bundles ? Wanaume wanaunda pesa na wengine ni kutafuna meno. Tesla and Apple have been good to my portfolio for last 3 years.

Apple and Tesla sell majority of their products abroad ; don’t argue with a mad man who has bundles and just wants to yap what they heard from mama mboga.

Bill Gates is just smiling at the report. His vaccines will make him the first trillionaire. Wah! Even the autocorrect doesn’t know the word trillionaire :oops:

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