Elon Musk Is Now 3 Times Richer Than Buffet & Worth More Than The GDP Of His Native Country, South Africa

Tesla’s stock has risen 65.6% this year, including an 8.5% gain on Monday.Musk is by far the wealthiest person on Bloomberg’s index tracking the world’s richest people.

Just days after Elon Musk became the first person to hit $300 billion in wealth, the Tesla CEO is now worth three times as much as the investing wizard Warren Buffett.

That’s according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which on Monday estimated the tech mogul’s fortune at $335 billion after a $24 billion single-day gain. In comparison, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO Buffett was worth an estimated $104 billion.

Musk’s wealth on the index is higher than the gross domestic product of his home country, South Africa, which totaled $301.9 billion last year, per data from the World Bank.

As tracked by Bloomberg, Musk’s net worth has soared by $165 billion this year. His gains Monday were driven by an 8.5% rise in Tesla’s share price, Bloomberg first reported. The multibillionaire owned about 22.4% of the company at the start of the year.
Last week, a 13% leap in Tesla’s stock price netted Musk $36 billion - the largest single-day surge Bloomberg had ever recorded - after news emerged that the car-rental firm Hertz ordered 100,000 Teslas.

Musk, 50, now sits at a comfortable $142 billion above the world’s second-richest man - Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, whose net worth Bloomberg puts at $193 billion.

Tesla’s stock is up 65.6% this year, despite dips in March and May.

On Sunday, Musk tweeted that he was open to selling shares in the electric-car maker worth $6 billion to alleviate world hunger based on a plea from the director of the UN’s World Food Programme.

But Buffet is more liquid

He deserves everything he has. He took massive risks to get where he is. Fortunately they paid off. There are several more who tried and failed.

Hio challenge yake to WFP ni kali , he willing to give 6 Billion if they show the breakdown of how it will end global hunger !
Wame nyamaza !!

Hiyo ilikuwa extortion attempt na musito hana time ya upus. Waliulizwa last year walipata over $8 billion na bado world hunger iko in full force, why didn’t they eliminate it then? I’m pretty sure these so-called aid organizations spend more than 80% of their budgets on “administrative expenses.” I always ask myself why an aid worker must live in the most expensive houses, sleep in 5 star hotels, drive the biggest fuel guzzler and receive all manner of allowances for “volunteering” to eliminate world hunger or some other nonsensical cause.

Umetoa wapi hii… sijaona from above text

Watu wako njaa


Ata Kenya watu iko njaa huko juu

Money printing and stock casino

Brings to mind Redi Crosses…


siwezi endesha gari iko na jina ya ujinga kama Tesla , ntanunua Range Rover electric


Liquid means ako na more cold hard cash more than Elon. Majority of Elon’s wealth lies in stocks rather than money in the bank. Read more about that.

Ivi ndo nilikua nareason nikiwa kitoto kichanga ya miaka 15. In short, Iwes your brain hasn’t fully developed

Last amount that walipewa ni more than $8B na walikula yote.

io ni moto ya nyasi. Elon Musk akikufa “Tesla stock” itakuwa worth nothing. Yeye anauza hype na illusions.

A very bonobo take on wealth and GDP. :D:D:D:D:D

Pot calling kettle black