Elon Musk hataki ushoga


Eventually this msito atarudi pale Seuth Efrica amumumye mali yake bolebole bila kusumbuliwa…

Home is best.
Ata mimi nimeanza safari ya kurudi kangocho permanently…

huyu jamaa aache kucomment about everything… or atafanywa ile kitu

Elon Musk is a testament to the power of charisma.

When Malema takes over, Seuth Efrika will be a very hostile place for whites.

Tesla is registered in the Netherlands.

Malema just says the right things that he knows bleck south africans want to hear. Akiwa president atatulia sanaaaa. He’ll just derive some token concessions from the Boers but ultimately hakuna kitu kubwa ita-change. Ata Zuma kuna time alikuwa considered a radical lakini hakuna kitu alifanyia wazungu. Malema lives a flashy lifestyle in contrast to his so called socialist ideals, pointing to a potentially corrupt individual who can be easily bought.

Elon musk is a vigilante, problem is vigilantes always end up being the bad guys

Karibu Sana brother

True, lakini naona kakinuka, farm invasions are likely to happen. The blacks there are entitled and violent while the whites are greedy and selfish.

US government is quite brutal and the worse thing wao wanafanya chini ya maji unlike China who do it openly. Definitely he should tread lightly, especially vile Ford imeanza kutengeneza electric trucks which Americoids love to death.

Elon, trump na kanye have mastered the art of saying the fuack they want, without being able to be cancelled.

Anataka kununua game reserve,if bado hajainunua. Huku hatasumbuliwa na taxman hivyo sana


awachilie Uncle Trump tuchape full campaign sasa on twitter