Elon Musk at Mombasa Port

The first ever Tesla Model X has landed on these shores. Thus virtually paving the way for electric vehicles.



The vehicle had a small show excited at its arrival in Jamhuri land. And then was proceed to be towed by a Landcruiser towards Nairobi. Reason it’s being towed is because its battery is probably low or it’s needs to be plugged up to a Tesla wall charger to receive its update so it’s maps are updated and one can drive it.

South Africa is the only place on the continent with a Tesla dealer.

The most exciting electric vehicles are coming from China at the moment.

He should always carry generator kwa boot.

Spotted on mombasa road.


Owner ni nani? Beautiful car. Ameweka insurance gani?

wonder how he plans to get it serviced, ama atakuwa na expatriate mechanics?

Serviced in which way?

Teslas are updated by software update.

Ball joints, brakes, suspension, wipers, coolant can all be gotten locally.

The batteries can last a long time. There’s never any battery issues unless when in an accident and you need to change out battery modules

locally kwa nani? ama unafikiria suspension ya toyota is the same one on a testla?

wacha ikae, kplc watakuibia mpaka uimbe

Sasa atavuta na kamba from 001 to 047? That’s risky bana, just pay for the flatbed na mali ifike ikiwa sawa

Locally as they can be easily aquired. There’s a very prestigious garage hapo Mombasa road that services some of the unique cars in the region.

If someone wants too put Toyota parts on his Honda it’s on him.

The damn thing is a battery and motors running on top of a good software. The car is a beauty

The Tesla drivetrain and Tesla electronics can not be repaired by an independent mechanic. Umepost video za Rich Rebuilds and you do not know this? They shut off updates to his Model S and cut him off from their features including the ability to supercharge for repairing his own Model S.

Still less than petrol companies. 100kWh ni how much? 2k maximum? Inakupeleka hadi Mombasa in a car that can outperform all other cars you will meet on the Kenyan road including high end super cars. Still not a very smart idea (in my opinion) to import one into Kenya.

First of all, tesla does not support any random mechanics even in the US, I found go there you lose the warranty which means you are on your own. And they dont have any licensed dealers here so that means you will be 100% on your own… anyway let’s hope they we will be able to fix this soon, j will be the first one to buy once they support them legitimately

Now that hiyo Tesla is an 8yr old mtumba and the batteries last 10yrs the new owner ako na shida. He better just buy a generator and weld it on the roof of the car to power the electric motors.

The car iz smart. Looks like “ikiwacha ujinga inaeza fly…”. But about cars, I believe in one fact: UNIQUE IS EXPENSIVE.

I know about Delores and the Tesla issues.

Anyway, unless the Tesla is in a fire or a flood drivetrain should last. Right now that Tesla is in a grey area it’s maps and software have not been updated to the region. This should those Tesla Techs to learn about Kenya and have a catered software just for the vehicle.

This could actually be the first Tesla on the continent. And Elon musk was looking to open a Tesla hub in South Africa but doesn’t like the import duties. But Kenya is offering 10% discount on electric vehicles and as well discounts on building electric infrastructure like charging stations…

As long as one doesn’t mess with the batteries and motors.

Tesla is still a car. Body damage can be fixed by a body shop, wheels can be changed, rims, etc.

I think this is just a car like others, so damages (unless operated on a private road), wear and tear are expected. Body damage can be fixed?..not all damages are repairable, some parts need replacement, and now getting the parts will be the big issue. You know y pple love Toyota cars, not that they perform better…but because the spares are easily available hata kwa vijiji.

Toyota spare parts are cheap and widely available. That’s the only reason I own one. Otherwise they are just basic junkies as compared to European vehicles