Elly Orido, Kisumu based AP Officer

Kisumu based AP who reigned terror on the ladies seeking refuge at the Toilets…His name is Elly Orido… Some one let IPOA know so that he can be disciplined / fired

Promotion PAP!!


The only language a negro understands is violence.

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Those women could be your sisters, aunts , niece(s). Same script different cast. Don’t mock them

why were the radies seeking refuge in the toirete?

Yaani huyu msee wa camera hange zoom achukue ma close up za hizo ma up skirts arushe pale telegram? Napendaga ma up skirts Tu saana


May I speak for myself and say that my 80 year old Mum, my sisters and nieces do not go to waste a Monday morning singing Babasongs and chanting “tumezoea teargas, tunataka BOMB!” as composed by Orengo? Every sensible Kenyan now knows that the University Way, K-Street and Loita areas are places to avoid on ‘stormy Monday’.


mimi nikiona hem line ya ngotha kwa skirt imenitosha


i see what you did there…only in this ville…:D:D:D:D:D:D


Hehe…Io jamaa inakaa wale watoi walikua kichwa ngumu…

Elly Orido? Never! That is hardly a Mungiki name! Alai says that those beating protectors were Mungiki cops!

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Cord were frothing in the mouth about the dead guy till it emerged he was a Kikuyu. Suddenly they don’t care that much that he’s dead. The narrative has now changed that he was among a group brought by Kuria to cause chaos.


unajua unakuwanga chizi


it does’nt have to do with protests and even if it has to what if your sisters, mother was caught up in ongoing protest and due 2 mistaken identity get rungus from Elly Orido. Think man think!!

hiyo ni signs za dryspell turned to anger this guy was probably thinking of rape ni venye camera ilikuwa tu hapo

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or he just hates women may be because his wife cheated on him and left him

theories, theories, theories…but first things first; why were the ladies there in the first place because you seem not to have seen my question up there. perhaps Elly had a good reason to use the nyahunyo…at least he is not using the AK47 in the left hand…

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May be they were caught up in the mixup (mistaken identity)…I can clearly see one lady in high heels…who would go on a protest while in high heels. Women who go on protests normally wear trousers and rubber shoes

@Mathaais, the plot gets worse now that the guy turns out to be alive but nursing serious aches and pains that only a pretty purse from JaKuon could soothe.


If you are waiting for that cop to arrested utangoja hadi yesu arudi