Eliud Kipchoge

On the way to winning the London Marathon…

On Supreme Form…

One Hell Of A Human Being…

Huyu jamaaa unibastia sana… A truly blessed man

British media ni meff Sana. They overhyped Mo Farah na amemaliza a distant 5th… Anyway, that’s what they are good at. They once told the world Emile Heskey and Peter Crouch is the most lethal strike partnership…Big up Kipchoge. Dedication to Msito Kipchoge.


Big up to guy, en women’s too

extraterrestrial level

Jamaa ni beast, alikua anaongeza gear kidogo anadrop one Ethiopian, all until he stood alone!!


Kidogo kidogo uskie ni dopping.

If he is dopping then ashikwe. Even mzungu Russians have been disqualified for the same. Even mzungu Europeans and Americans.

Fair competition should be sacred in sports.